Simply put, every Wednesday when the new comic books are released, I make a buy, usually a sizeable one, through I love comixology, not only is it nice and convenient to be able to read comics on my phone or tablet (and to be able to buy them anytime, anywhere), but, buying as many comics as I do, even if I could get my hands on hard copies of everything, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them all. Anyway, when I make these weekly purchases, will be posting just exactly what I bought right here, so, here we go:


Animal Man #18
Arrow #22 (digital first)
Batwing #18
Detective Comics #18
Dial H #10
Earth 2 #10
Green Arrow #18
Green Lantern #18
Human Bomb #4
Injustice: Gods Among Us (digital first)
The Phantom Stranger #6
Stormwatch #18
Superman #17
World’s Finest #10


Powers: The Bureau #2


Sex #1


Red She-Hulk #63


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