Well, Marvel kicked off there Marvel #1 promotion on Sunday and essentially broke Comixology for about a day and a half, at least as far as getting new comics was concerned. So, since I finished the last of my previous catching up buy Sunday night, I had to suffer the last day without new comics, but, all is well, Marvel #1 is on hold for the moment, but Comixology seems to be back up and running and I managed to make a couple buys Monday night. First up, from the Marvel Monday sale, X-Men: Second Coming:

New Mutants, vol.2 #12-14
Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #523-525
X-Force, vol.3 #26-28
X-Men: Legacy, vol.1 #235-237
X-Men: Second Coming #2

I’m holding off on Second Coming #1 until Marvel #1 kicks back in.


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