OK, so I’m putting this up a bit later than I had planned, but this is the first time I’m doing this so I haven’t gotten into a routine yet. Basically, the idea here is that, since I’m currently reading all of the New 52 books from DC Comics, which I’m sure is something not everyone is doing, I thought I’d put up some brief accounts of what happened in each of the week’s new releases. Now, I’m going to try to not get to detailed with these, mostly because I’ll be doing an average of 13 of them every week, but there are going to be SPOILERS, if not for every book, at least for some. But, I think that’s OK  I’m putting this up 5 days after release so I imagine, most people who might actually read this have already read the books on this list that they plan on reading. What this is really meant to be is an opportunity for people to keep up on what’s happening in the books they aren’t reading so when the inevitable crossovers happen, they’re up to date. So, enjoy and again, SPOILERS ahead.

Action Comics #18 – Superman’s battle across dimensions with Mxyzptlk comes to its epic conclusion.

Batwoman #18 – Batwoman and Hawkfire battle Mr. Freeze and afterwards are confronted by Batman. Detective Sawyer goes apartment hunting for her and Kate. Director Bones calls in some help in dealing with Batwoman’s “authority issues”.

Birds of Prey #18 – Strix continues to struggle to fit in with the rest of the team. Starling storms off after another argument with Black Canary only to come running back when she thinks she’s needed. Mr. Freeze pursuing his vendetta against the Court of Owls, attacks but fails to get his hands on Strix. He makes off with Starling instead.

Catwoman #18 – Catwoman has an emotional confrontation with Batman over some stolen paintings and recent event in both their lives. Gwen Altamont is reeled from police custody only to find her selves in the hands of Emperor Penguin.

Constantine #1 – Constantine uses a young man named Chris to get a map to the pieces of Croydon’s Compass. The Cult of the Cold Flame makes an attempt on Constantine’s life. While seeking the first piece of Croydon’s Compass in Norway, Constantine and Chris come into conflict with Sargon the Sorceress. It doesn’t end particularly well.

DC Universe Presents #18 – Starfire attempts to champion and free an enslaved village, but in the end perhaps does more harm to them then good.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #18 – Volthoom turns his attention to Carol Ferris, Saint Walker and Larfleeze only to have his manipulations fail as time and time again the Lanterns particular emotions, love, hope and avarice, prove stronger than what he tries to force upon them.

Justice League #18 – The Justice League as a meet and greet in the Watchtower with prospective new members before apparently settling on The Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm. One of the party-goers hacked Watchtower’s systems to send the League an ominous warning. Black Adam continues his hunt for Shazam and the rest of a Billy Batson’s foster brothers and sisters learn of his new powers.

Justice League of America #2 – The Secret Society recruits Scarecrow. Steve Trevor chafes under Amanda Waller’s authority. The JLA, minus Green Lantern, meet for the first time and are presented to the public at a presidential press conference. Green Arrow, recovering from his mission to infiltrate the Secret Society, is told he won’t b part of the JLA. The JLA goes hunting the Secret Society and things start going bad quick.

Justice League of America’s Vibe #2 – Vibe battles an alien “invader” while struggling with his new powers and identity, his appointment to the JLA, and his service to ARGUS. A scroll carried by the “invader” reveals a connection to a woman codenamed Gypsy, currently being held by ARGUS.

Legion of Super-Heroes #18 – The Legion battles a public revolt, failing technology and a crumbling word on Earth. Legionnaires trapped on Rimbor seek a magical route of escape. Tharok, in control of the awakened Promethean Giants, rains down death and destruction.

Nightwing #18 – Through visits to Damian’s grave, conversations with friend/romantic interest Sonia Branch and a fight with The Dealer, Nightwing begins to deal with Robin’s death. But the hits keep coming as Sonia reveals that her father, Tony Zucco, the man who killed his parents, is still alive.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 – In Wayne Manor, with Bruce and Alfred looking after him, Jason battles his inner demons while he recovers from the trap The Joker had left waiting in his mask.

Supergirl #18 – Lex Luthor, still physically imprisoned, but with a free mind, sets his sights on Supergirl. Supergirl, still recovering from the final battle with H’el, fights and loses to a woman of fire and lava and is then set upon by a military force. Power Girl begins to suffer mysterious signs of illness.

Sword of Sorcery #6 – Amaya continues to train in the use of her new powers under the tutelage of her mother, who is still recovering from injuries suffered at the hands of Onyx assassins. Amaya meets the new Lord of Turquoise who wants nothing to do with his new station. Constantine tricks Amaya not taking Eclipso into Nilaa, he then destroys the portal crystal, freeing Amaya’s father’s spirit to return to Nilaa as well. Eclipso, or Lord Kaala of House Onyx, strikes, killing Lady Senshe, transferring the power of a house Citrine to Ingvie. Stalker’s conflict with Lucifer continues.

Wonder Woman #18 – Wonder Woman fights Hermes nd even manages to cripple him while escaping with Orion. First Born battles and is seemingly swallowed whole by Poseidon. Ares steals Zola’s baby from within the body of Demeter and, shockingly, returns the baby to Zola.


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