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Written By: Robert Kirkman
Art By:  Ryan Ottley
Price: $2.99

“It is a new dawn for the Viltrum Empire.” Now, I could tell you exactly who said those words ripped right from this month’s Invincible, but then I’d be spoiling things for you wouldn’t I? Last month I made the guess that big things were around the corner in this book. Well, now with issue #102 here, I feel pretty safe in thinking I was right, and while I’m not sure right now how Invincible Universe is going to be fitting into things, I am confident that Invincible will continue to be one of my favorite books.

Last month I also referred to Invincible #101 as an in between issue. And this month, Robert Kirkman continued to prove that to him, an in between issue tends to be what happens in between bouts of violence. While the violent battle that occupies, if you’ve read any of this series before you know I’m not kidding here, approximately three quarters of the issue, may not be the most bloody and brutal the series has ever gotten, it’s probably close. How violent does it get? I’ll just say look out for a little something floating around that really shouldn’t be detached from the body. And you know what? This big blowout and what comes out of it may be the majority of this issue, but it is really only a part of the whole, with what comes, far less violently, in the issue’s final scene likely be to be just as important to the book’s future. If issue #101, was an in between, then #102 was a culmination, and one Robert Kirkman has been building to for a very long time.

Yes, it is indeed a new dawn for the Viltrum Empire, and for Invincible. I explained last month my less then enthusiastic reception of the Death of Everyone arc but I continued on through last month and into this month’s issue because I love this series and because Robert Kirkman is a great writer. And I can tell you now that I’m glad that I stuck around because issue #102 definitely reinvigorated my love for this book and already has me looking forward to next month.

Score: 9.0


So, I believe when I began this whole process of catching up on all he things in the week to week Marvel Universe I made mention of Age of Ultron being part of the reason I was kicking it off. Well, that series is now seven issues in and here I am at the first half of my buy for March and I’ve finally reached the point where I can actually start to read Age of Ultron.

A + X #5
Age of Apocalypse #13
Age of Ultron #1-2
All New X-Men #8
Alpha: Big Time #2
Avengers #7
Avengers Arena #6
Avengers Assemble #13
Avenging Spider-Man #18
Cable and X-Force #5
Daredevil: End of Days #6
Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite #1 (digital first)
Iron Man #7
Secret Avengers #2
Superior Spider-Man #5
Thor: God of Thunder #6
Uncanny X-Men #3
Venom #32
Winter Soldier #16
Wolverine #1
Wolverine and the X-Men #26
X-Men: Legacy #7
X-Treme X-Men #12

It’s that time of the week again folks. My latest review for Marvel Disassembled has just gone up. This week I take a look at Morbius: The Living Vampire #4.

What’s that? You didn’t read issue #3? Well you can see my review of that on right here.

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It’s Wednesday, brand new comics are here, and I’m a happy man. This week we have a new Invincible and a new Deadpool. The sequel limited series to Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated comes to its epic conclusion. Wrath of The First Lantern finally nears its end in Red Lanterns #19. And issue #19 marks the end of I, Vampire, the question is, who will survive to continue to play a role in The New 52? Sounds like a pretty good week to me. Go to Comic List for the full list of this week’s new releases.

DC Comics

All Star Western #19
Arrow #29 (digital first)
Batman Incorporated #10 (reviewing)
Batman: The Dark Knight #19
The Flash #19
The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #19
I, Vampire #19
Injustice: Gods Among Us #15 (digital first)
Justice League Dark #19
Katana #3
Red Lanterns #19
The Savage Hawkman #19
Superman #19
Talon #7
Teen Titans #19

Dynamite Entertainment

Masks #6: Digital Exclusive Edition

Image Comics

Invincible #102 (reviewing)

Marvel Comics

Deadpool #8
Deadpool Killustrated #4
Fantastic Four #7
FF #6
Morbius: The Living Vampire #4 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)

DC Comics

Arrow #28 – 3 stars
Batwoman #19 – 3 stars
Birds of Prey #19 – 3 stars
Catwoman #19 – 2 stars
DC Universe Presents #19 – 3 stars
Green Lantern: New Guardians #19 – 3 stars
Injustice: Gods Among Us #14 – 4 stars
Justice League #19 – 4 stars
Justice League of America’s Vibe #3 – 3 stars
Legion of Super-Heroes #19 – 3 stars
Nightwing #19 – 3 stars
Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 – 3 stars
Supergirl #19 – 4 stars
Sword of Sorcery #7 – 3 stars
Wonder Woman #19 – 4 stars

Dynamite Entertainment

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #34 – 3 stars

Marvel Comics

Thunderbolts #8 – 4 stars

Best of DC – Supergirl #19 – 4 stars
Best of Marvel – Thunderbolts #8 – 4 stars
Best of Other – Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #34 – 3 stars

Top 5

5. Wonder Woman #19 – 4 stars
4. Justice League #19 – 4 stars
3. Injustice: Gods Among Us #14 – 4 stars
2. Supergirl #19 – 4 stars

Pick of the Week – Thunderbolts #8 – 4 stars

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By:  Jeff Johnson, Scott Kolins
Price: $2.99

The bad times just continue to get worse and worse for the Legion as the Fatal Five’s attack kicks into gear and the United Planet’s crumble. And when I say bad, I mean bad, as next to nothing goes right for the Legionnaires in this issue.

The Legion’s battle with the Fatal Five continues to rage on two fronts and develops on two more. As with any villainous alliance however, we do begin to see cracks developing with the Five here. At the rate the Legion and the United Planets are being destroyed however, it seems like those cracks may not matter until the Five are left alone to fight over the pieces of the galaxy. Or, their plans will implode and the Legion will come out victorious. For now though, it’s still too early to tell and the Fatal Five definitely has the upper hand.

I’ll be upfront here, I haven’t been a big fan of this series to this point. Maybe it’s the cosmic scale, something which generally speaking doesn’t appeal to me in my superhero books. Perhaps it’s the sheer abundance of characters covered in the book that for the most part I’m coming in unfamiliar with. Or maybe Legion of Super-Heroes is just sitting in the shadow of Legion Lost which I found to be a much more entertaining series. Whatever the reason, this issue is an exception. Maybe at this point I just enjoy watching the Legion get beaten into oblivion, but there was definitely something in this issue that appealed to me and I actually quite enjoyed it.

Score: 7.0

Written By: Chuck Dixon, Robert Jordan
Art By:  Francis Nuguit
Price: $3.99

This is an interesting case. It’s tempting to call Dynamite’s comic book adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time novels a cash grab. Let’s take a look at the facts here. This is issue #34. Issue #35 will be the conclusion of the adaptation of The Eye of the World, the first Wheel of Time novel, excluding the prequel New Spring, which Dynamite has already adapted. Right now on Comixology, the first 33 issues are $1.99. If you were to buy all 35 issues at that price, that’s about $70. The actual Eye of the World novel can be purchased for around $10. So, does that make this a cash grab? Maybe, but in the end it’s really just a matter of how you want to consume the story, around 700 pages filled with pictures, or closer to 800 pages filled with words.

I could try and go deep into exactly what’s going on in this series, but I did just say this was issue #34 of an adaptation of an 800 page novel so that would be a lot of ground to cover. I will try and give you a few basics though. The Wheel of Time is sword and sorcery fantasy, with the wheel itself being this world’s representation of fate. The One Power is the magic in the world and is only wielded by women. Any men with the ability to wield the power are doomed to insanity. The Eye of the World focuses on a group of characters, most of which are teenagers/young adults, ho are at once on the run from monsters and other servants of the Dark One, this world’s equivalent of the Devil, and searching for the so-called eye of the world. Now, as for this issue in particular, it focuses on main protagonist Rand al’Thor and his very magical/mystical confrontation with the villain Ba’alzamon. I’ll be honest, for the most part, this issue is really just one angry conversation between the two characters. Potentially very boring, but if you’re invested in the story it’s actually an interesting and climactic moment that probably deserves more then the seven pages it ended up getting.

So, by no means is this an optimal jumping on point for anyone not familiar with the novels or already following the series. If you’re already reading the series, then odds are you don’t need me to sell you on this issue because you’re going to pick it up if you haven’t already. And if you’ve read theEye of the World novel in the past but haven’t picked up any of the comic book adaptations yet, well this issue is actually probably one of the most interesting of the series and is a good place for you to start if you want to see if the comic is something you’d be interested in reading. For my part I’ve enjoyed the Eye of the World Series so far, I enjoyed the New Spring graphic novel and I’m interested to see if after issue #35 Dynamite continues on with an adaptation of the second novel in the series, The Great Hunt.

Score: 7.0