All right, so even later on this feature this week, but I think we’ll all be ok as long as I keep getting them up before running into the next week’s new comics. Also, I’m just going to throw this out there to anyone who happens to read this, if you know who the “old flame” I refer to in the Batman: The Dark Knight summary is, hit me up either here or on twitter, @KehtaamuNgetal, and let me know her name, and if you can her last appearance, it’s kinda bugging me. I feel like I should know the answer. Thanks.

All-Star Western #18 – Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham continue their rescue of Catherine Wayne. Hex battles Vandal Savage to the “death”. Hex boards a train out of Gotham heading west, and throws Arkham from the train when he tries to come along. Doctor Thirteen comes to a town of spiritualists to debunk rumours of a murdering monster and meets Adam One.

Aquaman #18 – Aquaman and the Atlanteans search to reclaim all of the Atlantean technology lost in the attack on Boston. Murk bristles under the rule of King Arthur and plots to rescue deposed King Orm from his human prison, but Arthur may have an ally in Orm’s sister Tula. Aquaman battle The Scavenger who is selling Atlantean technology. Mere has another run-in with local police and is attacked by an ominous, unknown Atlantean.

Batman Incorporated #9 – The story of the aftermath of Robin’s murder takes place around scenes of his burial at the Wayne estate. Batman and Nightwing battle Robin’s killer. Rioting continues in Gotham. Squire takes on the mantle of the fallen Knight and partners with Dark Ranger. Robin’s killer proclaims himself Batman. Gotham’s mayor bans Batman and anything associated with Batman, Inc. from Gotham. Meanwhile Jason Todd, in his Wingman guise, is in captivity.

Batman: The Dark Knight #18 – As Batman’s hunt for Jervis Tetch continues, the origin of the Mad Hatter is told. Batman’s relationship with Catwoman continues to be complicated. The Mad Hatter kills his school days crush Alice for not living up to his memory of her. Bruce attempts to rekindle his romance with an old flame, going so far as to reveal his extra-curricular activities to her.

The Flash #18 – The Flash works to repair the Gem Cities and enjoys life with Patty Spivot. Police come to arrest The Trickster for murder. He attempts to escape only to be put down by the Flash. Powered by their time in the Speed Force, new heroes Sprint and Turbo Charger also try to apprehend Trickster but are also stopped and afterwards effectively “grounded” by Flash. The Outlanders, Trickster’s new “family” demand his release from prison and throw down an ultimatum, threatening an attack, which they show up to follow through on when their demands aren’t met. Before The Flash can jump in to stop them, he is struck down and knocked clean out of his costume by a mysterious force.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #18 – Searching for Ronnie Raymond’s kidnapped moth, Firestorm battles Skull Crusher and Relay ho are in the process of breaking into a Q-Core research facility. With the aid of a man named Rick, Joann Raymond manages to get a distress call out to Firestorm. Firestorm comes to the rescue and battles Rick, revealed as Multiplex. After the fight, Multiplex’s employers prepare their next strike against Firestorm.

I, Vampire #18 – The final battle continues in the House of Mystery. Cain rips all of the vampire souls contained with Andrew Bennett out of him then uses Tig to give body to Lilith’s soul. Andrew finds himself on the good side of things again and tries to close the gateway connecting Heaven and Hell, only to be slapped down by a resurrected Mary Seward.

Justice League Dark #18 – The battle between science and magic outside of Epoch comes to it conclusion. The JLD returns to Earth, leaving Tim Hunter and his father in Epoch. With Constantine leading them, the JLD turn their backs on Colonel Trevor and ARGUS.

Red Lanterns #18 – Volthoom gives Atrocitus a glimpse of what he would have become had the Manhunters not destroyed his entire sector; a dictator who ends up killing his entire family himself. Volthoom offers Atrocitus a choice between the two lives. Atrocitus chooses the life he led, not the ne that old have been. Rankorr’s attempt to return to a normal life is cut short by Bleez’s intervention.

The Savage Hawkman #18 – In the Shadow Realm, Hawkman and Shadow Thief share their origins. Learning Hawkman is an alien, Shadow Thief attacks him. The two are soon forced to join forces momentarily in order to escape the creatures of the Shadow Realm. Elsewhere, Emma Ziegler meets with Dr. Phayne at the Rest Haven medical facility to talk about her father. Later, she confronts Carter Hall, who was supposed to be at the meeting to support her, and tells him that the time is coming when he will have to choose between her and his life as Hawkman.

Superman #18 – Superman is called before the United States Senate where he refuses to allow international inspectors to enter the Fortress of Solitude. While a Clark Kent meets with Cat Grant at a dance club about her proposed business venture, people begin throwing themselves off the dg of the rooftop establishment. Superman saves the clubs patrons and frees them from the mind control that had seized them but fails to discover who was behind the attack. An unconscious Hector Hammond, interred at S.T.A.R. Labs, is revealed to be showing an increase in brain activity. The Highfather calls Orion home to warm him that Superman poses a threat to all existence.

Talon #6 – Continuing his assault on Securitus Island, Calvin Rose escapes capture once only to be captured again. The Gotham Butcher has an opportunity to go after Batman but if forced to stand down by the Court of Owls. While a Batman is left to investigate The Butcher’s handiwork, The Butcher attempts to remove the cryobombs from his skull. On Securitus Island it is revealed to Calvin, that Sebastion Clark is the former Grandmaster of the Court of Owls and the man who initially recruited Calvin to be a Talon. In Sebastion penthouse, Casey Washington discovers an owl mask.

Teen Titans #18Dealing with Robin’s death, Tim Drake has heart to hearts, in his mind, with Damian, and in the Batcave, with Alfred. Superboy joins the Teen Titans on their new yacht HQ for the first time. Red Robin declares the teams new dedication to protecting the younger generation, because no one else s going to, and immediately takes them to Belle Reeve to rescue a young girl. While the Titans battle the Suicide Squad, Red Robin strikes a deal with Amanda Waller. Elsewhere Trigon arrives on the scene in Times Square.


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