Reviews – DC Comics: Green Lantern #19

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Reviews - DC Comics
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Written By: Geoff Johns
Pencils By:  Szymon Kudranski, Adrian Syaf
Inks By: Mark Irwin, Szymon Kudranski
Price: $2.99

Has Wrath of the First Lantern reached a point where I can actually enjoy it? It may be a bit soon to tell, one issue cannot save an arc that spans a minimum of four months and thirteen issues after all, but Green Lantern #19 may have just taken the first steps in the right direction. So, if you read my review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #18, then you already know that while I have generally enjoyed the Green Lantern section of The New 52, I haven’t really been ble to connect with this particular story arc. That said, you can understand that I went into this issue with pretty low expectations. And , knowing, after making my random selection for the week, that I was going to be reviewing this issue, I was fully expecting to spend another page or so of writing complaining about the arc.

Well, I’m happy to tell you, that’s not going to be the case. By no means am I ready to declare Wrath of the First Lantern as a whole a win, but I did find this single issue at least, pleasantly satisfying and entertaining. Now, this issue is without question a Sinestro-centric one, with Hal Jordan’s section of the story filling a secondary role and Simon Baz being all but ignored, literally occupying only two pages and speaking seven words. Is that a bad thing? In this case, no. Though I admit, pushing Baz so far to the side after positioning him as the new Green Lantern does seem a bit odd. But again, in the context of this issue, it works fine. The focus on Sinestro, while treading a bit of the as ground as he again returns to Korugar, works well as he takes his turn in Volthoom’s sights, and proves himself to possibly be both the First Lantern greatest aid and greatest adversary.

Green Lantern has been a bit of a peculiar series since the reboot, focusing for almost the entire run on two and sometimes three powered or de-powered Green Lantern’s, despite having Green Lantern Corps running, right beside it with presumably the exact concept of focusing on multiple Green Lantern’s. It looks like we may be about to see the biggest shake up to that status quo since Hal Jordan and Sinestro “died”. Whether or not the cast is going to change is yet to be seen, though if I were to guess I’d say that Simon Baz will be taking back and holding the central role soon, it does look like the color palette is about to change drastically. For the frt time in a few months I’m actually looking forward to the next issue of Green Lantern, though I do still have my doubts about the rest of the Lantern books until the end of this arc, but we’ll see if they can follow up on this issue in the coming weeks. I want say this issue going to change anyone who’s of the same mind as me on Wrath of the First Lantern, but if you’ve been following this series, now definitely isn’t the time to stop.

Score: 7.5

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