Action Comics #19 – Lois Lane and Clark Kent are in Qurac reporting on hostilities there. Superman jumps right into this hostilities, confronting flying war machines, at least one of which is revealed as being flown by an American. Lex Luthor, the man behind the war machines, reveals to his assistant that in the fight they managed to infect Superman with nanite probes. Three weeks later, while flying over Metropolis, Superman is struck by a mysterious infection, causing his right hand to transform.

Animal Man #19 – Buddy and Ellen Baker attend the funeral for their son Cliff and afterwards Ellen sends Buddy away, rejecting everything connected to Animal Man. Returning to his hotel, Buddy is faced with paparazzi, who he freaks out on. Maxine meanwhile, is revealed to be hiding Socks from her mother. Buddy confronts the Totems regarding his and Maxine’s roles with the Red. They do not take it well, casting him out, leaving him it’s his powers as Animal Man but severing his connection to the Red.

Batwing #19 – In the aftermath of Sky Pirate’s attack on the Haven, Batwing has successive confrontations with Dawn, Ancil Marksbury and his father, and from a safe distance, Sky Pirate. Matu succumbs to his injuries. David and Kia arrest Ancil Marksbury, after which David quits the police force and then informs a Batman that he can no longer be Batwing. For his part, Batman is understanding and then proceeds to target another to fill the role of Batwing, Lucius Fox’s son, Luke.

Detective Comics #19 – Starting in the 900 block, an infection spreads through Gotham, transforming its citizens, including Zsasz, into Man-Bat’s. Batman battles the Man-Bat’s, defeats Zsasz, apparently finds at least a temporary ally in Batwoman while the rest of the Bat Family ignores him and, with the help of Kirk Langstrom, cures the Man-Bat infection, though Langstrom becomes the one and only Man-Bat in the process. Zsasz reveals to Batman that Emperor penguin was behind the outbreak. In the many backups of the 80 page issue, Kirk and Francine Langstrom’s relationship is explored before she appears to ingest the same formula that turned Kirk into Man-Bat. Bane has a run in with some Talon and sets his sights on the Court of Owls. Mr. Combustible, ostensibly working for Emperor penguin, is shown to truly support the real penguin, and works to have him released from prison.

Dial H #11 – Nelson believes that Roxie used the H Dial’s power over the S Dial to make him sleep with her. In anger he uses the H Dial and gets the Flash’s powers leading to an angry discussion of just where the Dial powers come from. The Centipede forces open a dimension portal in order to make a deal with Fixer. Fixer and The Centipede then chase Nelson and Roxie from Canada to Australia and when they finally catch up, after Nelson loses the Flash’s powers, The Centipede manages to grab the Dial from Nelson.

Earth 2 #11 – Wotan discusses his origins and history with Nabu with Jay Garrick’s mother. Jay and Khalid continue their climb up the Tower of Fate. Jay confronts the Great Beast in order to give Khalid time to retrieve Nabu’s helmet. Steppenwolf sends Fury to Gotham after the “lost son of Highfather”. Khalid claims Nabu’s helmet, takes on the role of Doctor Fate and puts down the a great Beast to save the Flash.

Green Arrow #19 – Green Arrow battles Komodo in a duel of archers. And when Oliver finally gets the upper hand, Komodo’s daughter comes to his rescue. Arrow escapes Komodo and his daughter only to pass out in the back of Fyff’s van. Meanwhile, Komodo and his daughter put down their police pursuers.

Green Lantern #19 – Sinestro completes his escape from the Land of the Dead and returns to Korugar where he encounters Volthoom. Sinestro escapes Volthoom’s emotional manipulations and proves himself a physical threat to the First Lantern. In the end though, powered by the fear and hope of the people of Korugar, Volthoom destroys the planet, apparently killing everyone but Sinestro, who is left within reach of his Yellow Lantern. Meanwhile, in the Land of the Dead, Hal Jordan takes a leap of faith, giving up on life in order to gain control of Black Hand’s Black Power Ring.

The Phantom Stranger #7 – I. The guise of a dog, the Voice guides the Phantom Stranger to the ai and later the betrayal of reporter Jack Ryder, leaving him to be killed by a monster before the Challengers of the Unknown take it out. Finally able to meet up with Doctor Thirteen regarding his missing family, Phantom Stranger faces off against The Question, only to be betrayed by Doctor Thirteen and impaled by a spear.

Stormwatch #19 – Adam One is killed at the time of his birth, shredding time and destroying Stormwatch as we know it. The Shadow Lords, existing in the Bleed outside the normal flow of time, set about creating a new Stormwatch and discovering the cause of the time disruption.

Swamp Thing #19 – Swamp Thing comes to Metropolis seeing advice from Superman. He makes camp for the night in the Metropolis Botanical Garden. Scarecrow comes to the Botanical Garden to steal Digitalis Terrorem. The two battle and Scarecrow, prepared with many different forms of his fear gas, manages to disable Swamp Thing. A disabled Swamp Thing sends the Green into a frenzy, quickly growing over the buildings of Metropolis and alerting Superman to the situation.

World’s Finest #11 – Huntress stalks a dealer of Apokolips-powered arms. She then breaks into Michael Holt’s mansion but is interrupted by armed guards. At a tech convention, Karen and Helena attend a party thrown by Holt Industries, where Karen dances with a creature that is definitely not Michael Holt, but instead Desaad.


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