Reviews – Image Comics: Invincible #102

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Reviews - Image Comics
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Written By: Robert Kirkman
Art By:  Ryan Ottley
Price: $2.99

“It is a new dawn for the Viltrum Empire.” Now, I could tell you exactly who said those words ripped right from this month’s Invincible, but then I’d be spoiling things for you wouldn’t I? Last month I made the guess that big things were around the corner in this book. Well, now with issue #102 here, I feel pretty safe in thinking I was right, and while I’m not sure right now how Invincible Universe is going to be fitting into things, I am confident that Invincible will continue to be one of my favorite books.

Last month I also referred to Invincible #101 as an in between issue. And this month, Robert Kirkman continued to prove that to him, an in between issue tends to be what happens in between bouts of violence. While the violent battle that occupies, if you’ve read any of this series before you know I’m not kidding here, approximately three quarters of the issue, may not be the most bloody and brutal the series has ever gotten, it’s probably close. How violent does it get? I’ll just say look out for a little something floating around that really shouldn’t be detached from the body. And you know what? This big blowout and what comes out of it may be the majority of this issue, but it is really only a part of the whole, with what comes, far less violently, in the issue’s final scene likely be to be just as important to the book’s future. If issue #101, was an in between, then #102 was a culmination, and one Robert Kirkman has been building to for a very long time.

Yes, it is indeed a new dawn for the Viltrum Empire, and for Invincible. I explained last month my less then enthusiastic reception of the Death of Everyone arc but I continued on through last month and into this month’s issue because I love this series and because Robert Kirkman is a great writer. And I can tell you now that I’m glad that I stuck around because issue #102 definitely reinvigorated my love for this book and already has me looking forward to next month.

Score: 9.0

  1. thepuremood says:

    Just when I think I’ve figured this comic out, this issue happens. My jaw hit the floor reading this! Love INVINCIBLE, great review!

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