Reviews – DC Comics: Batman Incorporated #10

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Reviews - DC Comics
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Written By: Grant Morrison
Art By:  Chris Burnham
Price: $2.99

I admit it. I’m at a bit of a loss here. From issue #1, Batman Incorporated has been the most unusual of The New 52 Batman titles. At first it focused on non-Gotham-centric members of Batman, inc. such as Knight and Squire. That made it an interesting addition to a lineup that already included three Bruce Wayne books (Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Detective Comics), a Dick Grayson book (Nightwing), a Jason Todd book (Red Hood and the Outlaws), a Tim Drake book (Teen Titans), and a Damian Wayne book (Batman and Robin), as well as Batgirl, Batwoman and Batwing.

So, we have an interesting concept to begin with focusing on unfamiliar characters, but then the focus shifted to the aforementioned members of the Wayne family. Oddly though, Red Hood and Robin were slotted into the alternate identities of Wingman and Redbird. Now, Damian went back to being Robin in short order, but as of issue #10, Jason is still playing Wingman. Meanwhile Knight was killed in battle and Squire took up his identity and picked up a new partner in Dark Ranger. And all of this name changing and focus shifting is taking place amidst a conflict with Talia al’Ghul, who has a grand plan which is grinding Gotham to a standstill and making Batman more of an outlaw then ever in the city he protects. Oh, and she has an army of man-bats. Can you see where maybe I’ve gotten a bit lost over the course of this series? My head is starting to hurt just trying to lay everything out here for you. Ok so I’ve established this series is a bit on the odd side, that it’s a bit hard to follow. But the really important questions are, is it good? Is it interesting? Frankly, yes. The oddness of the narrative keeps it from being a great book in my opinion, but the whole idea of this conflict between Bruce and Talia with, for a time, Damian caught in the middle, is an entertaining one. The fact that Talia has managed to essentially cripple Gotham and send Batman to perhaps the darkest place he’s ever been, a place that’s rippling through all his books, is interesting. Also, I never said it when it happened, but issue #8, with Robin’s death, was beautifully done. I’m not particularly happy about the decision to kill off a character I really enjoy, but the way in which Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham pulled it off was fantastic.

Look, I want to like this book. I want to like every comic I pck up, particularly Batman titles. Batman Incorporated is just a bit off a hard sell right now. It’s not especially bad, it’s interesting, it’s entertaining, it’s just a bit off. As for this issue in its own right, well, the last page may be worth the price of admission by itself. You could just look it up, but to really appreciate and comprehend it, you have to read the issue.

Score: 5.0

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