New comic book day has come and gone, and as Free Comic Book Day 2013 draws near lets see what I picked up this week. Potential highlights Green Arrow #20, following up on a great showing with #19; the newest title to hit The New 52, The Movement, which will be followed later this month by its counter title The Green Team; the second installment of Invincible Universe, hopefully it can continue the momentum of last week’s fantastic Invincible #102. And let’s not forget that, for me at least, it’s Hulk Week, as I will be reviewing both Indestructible Hulk #7 and Red She-Hulk #65 for Marvel Disassembled. And as always, for the full list of the week’s releases, check out Comic List.

DC Comics

Action Comics #20
Animal Man #20
Aquaman #19 (reviewing)
Arrow #30 (digital first)
Batwing #20
Detective Comics #20
Dial H #12
Earth 2 #12
Green Arrow #20
Injustice: Gods Among Us #16 (digital first)
The Movement #1
The Phantom Stranger #8
Stormwatch #20
Swamp Thing #20
World’s Finest #12

Image Comics

Invincible Universe #2 (reviewing)

Marvel Comics

Indestructible Hulk #7 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Red She-Hulk #65 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)


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