Reviews – DC Comics: Superboy #20

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Reviews - DC Comics
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Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: R. B. Silva, Rob Lean, Kenneth Rocafort and Chriscross / Colours By: Richard and Tanya Horie / Letters By: Travis Lanham
Price: $2.99

Ok, this one’s going to get a little timey-wimey. But just a little bit. Mostly I just felt like taking the excuse to reference Doctor Who. What we do have here though is a new writer in Justin Jordan, as you can see above a rather large number of artists, and a few new characters, with the promise of more to come. Oh, and let’s not forget, a new addition to the credits in the form of Jerry Siegel, who is noted as Superboy’s creator. I’m not going to get into why that’s a big deal though, I’m sure the Internet has all those answers available for you somewhere.

Now, normally when I tackle a book for the first time here, I’d try and give you a rundown of what’s been happening up to that point. Don’t expect a lot of that here, because trying to explain nineteen issues of Superboy is pretty much guaranteed to make my head hurt. The important things to note for Superboy’s backstory go like this. Superboy is a test tube baby created by Harvest from the DNA of Superman and Lois Lane. Harvest is Superboy’s most significant villain to date and comes from the future. Superboy has a police officer sort of friend named Jocelyn Lure who is also from the future. Still with me? Earlier in the book Superboy robbed a bank, but he’s since given most of the money back, however he now feels its time he turned himself in. That’s more or less where this issue kicks off and where Superboy runs into Doctor Psycho and other representatives of the debuting H.I.V.E. organization. What follows from there is a battle sequence that encompasses th majority of the issue and culminates in the amusing disposal of one of the bad guys. And all of this is framed as the lead in to something very bad happening to Superboy as seen in the opening page but which is not ultimately reached by the end of the issue.

Yes, the more timey-wimey aspects of Superboy’s history can make my head hurt, but overall I’ve been enjoying the character and the book to this point. While this isn’t a great issue on its own, it is mostly action oriented making it rather entertaining, and it does serve as the kickoff point for what seems like it could be a very interesting storyline.

Score: 7.0


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