Reviews – Marvel Comics: Deadpool #9

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Reviews - Marvel Comics
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Written By: Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan
Art By: Tony Moore / Colours By: Val Staples / Letters By: Joe Sabino
Price: $2.99

It’s Deadpool versus Aquaman! Well, ok, not really. But it is the next best thing. Ok, that’s not exactly true either, it is very entertaining though. It’s not the fun and games of Deadpool’s battles with the zombified versions of America’s presidents, but his current sparring match with the demon Vetis is proving that its alright for the character to be presented with some real emotional depth. Sounds crazy I know, but that’s Deadpool right?

Ok, let me catch you up here in case for some reason you haven’t been reading the current Deadpool series. The first six issues of the series revolved around Deadpool being contracted by Shield to deal with past United States presidents who had been raised from the dead by a necromancer named Michael. That arc matters here because it left Deadpool ith a few things that have carried over into the current arc. First of all, friends in the forms of the aforementioned necromancer and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. And alo in the form of Agent Preston of Shield, his handler for the previous arc, who was killed, but whose soul now resdes in Deadpool’s body, providing him with a very real voice in his head to act as his conscience. And that is the really important thing here. As entertaining as Deadpool talking to himself can be, having the other side of those conversations be a completely different character distinct from Deadpool makes them that much better, while still fitting into his character as he still comes o as talking to himself. This issue, only the second since we’ve really started dealing with this new dynamic, sees Agent Preston delving deeper into Deadpool’s mind and hints at a darker place the deeper you go, a place even all the representations of Deadpool that inhabit his mind alongside Agent Preston dare not go. This issue also presents us with a darker Deadpool then we’ve seen in the current run as he appears to crumble underneath the combined stresses of not getting paid by Shield, having Agent Preston trapped in his head, and having Vetis threatening to kill him. So, yeah, Deadpool with emotional depth, it actually works.

Now, I opened here bringing up Aquaman, and while that’s not entirely accurate, what we do get is essentially an Aquaman proxy and an excuse for Deadpool to make veiled Aquaman jokes, even going so far as to bring up riding seahorses. It’s nothing all that original in the realm of mocking Aquaman, but it all fits nicely into a Deadpool story. So, how does this work exactly? The present arc focuses on Deadpool paying off a debt to the Demon Vetis by eliminating people Vetis has made deals with so that he can now claim their souls. And the soul du jour, is the previously mentioned Auaman proxy. The one disappointment I have with this issue is the absence of a thread introduced last issue where certain individuals are apparently harvesting Deadpool’s regenerating organs without his knowledge. It’s a very intriguing idea that I’m interested in seeing develop in future issues. So, overall, maybe not the best issue of the current run, but definitely a strong outing and very enjoyable. It definitely left me looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 8.0


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