Reviews – Image Comics: Sex #3

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Reviews - Image Comics
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Written By: Joe Casey
Art By: Piotr Kowalski / Colours By: Brad Simpson / Letters By: Rus Wooton
Price: $2.99

Nudity, implied sex, perversity, violence, intriguing characters, a story that is only becoming more twisted and complex, and apparently a lot of history to the world that is only ever alluded to. Why isn’t this your favorite new book too? You’re not reading it? Start. Seriously. Don’t be scared of the title, just go get yourself some Sex.

Ok, so I got that sad little sales pitch and the requisite application of double meaning to the title out of the way, so we can all move on. Honestly though, this really is a very good book. It has the faintest trappings of the superhero genre and is absolutely soaked in sexual energy, but at its core, what it really seems to be is a crime drama. And yet, even just calling it a crime drama doesn’t seem to do the book justice. Only three issues in and Joe Casey is weaving an enticing tale of a man attempting to adjust to a city that has fallen apart in his absence while seeing it for the first time through eyes not clouded by a here’s mask. And that is only the main thread of the story. We’ve also been introduced to an elderly mob boss with big plans, a thief with high hopes for his latest acquisition, a pair of brothers cold enough to execute one of their employes, not expressly for his failure, but for not meeting the visual requirements (not being pretty enough). And of course the former villainess flame of our “hero” who featured prominently in what was without question my favorite sequence of the issue. I won’t describe it in too much detail, because frankly I couldn’t do it justice, it needs to be experienced. What I will say that it’s the combination of three scenes, our hero Simon Cooke having a moment of self-examination with his friend Warren, our leading lady Annabelle Lagravenese enjoying some alone time, and a shared moment from their past.

I can’t sing the praises of this book enough. It’s quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite books, new or old. Given enough time it may even top the list. Do yourselves a favor and just give it a chance, better yet, read it with your significant other. Do it. Come on. You know you want to.

Score: 9.0


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