Well, it’s the fifth new comic book day for the month of May, and it seems I’ve got a pretty light week. This weeks total is actually fewer books then I usually pick up on a weekly basis from DC Comics alone. So, what have we got? Four Anne’s from DC and the road to the Trinity War continues in Justice League of America #4. Two personal favorites from Marvel. And, once again with none of my regular non-Marvel/non-DC books out his week, I’m checking out a couple new titles from Vertigo an Boom! Studios.  As always, head over to Comic List for the full list of this week’s new releases.

Boom! Studios

Clive Barker’s New Testament #1 (may review)

DC Comics

Arrow #34 (digital first)
Batman: The Dark Knight Annual #1
Catwoman Annual #1
Earth 2 Annual #1
Injustice: Gods Among Us #20 (digital first)
Justice League of America #4
Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 (reviewing)

Marvel Comics

Indestructible Hulk #8 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Morbius: The Living Vampire #5 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)


The Wake #1 (may review)


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