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Wow! Ok, so, no question about it. This is the biggest week to date for me as far as new releases go. I typically average around 20 books a week. This week? 37! Why? Because a whole bunch of Marvel books I just got caught up on happened to come out this week. I guess it’s soon going to be time for me to start paring down my pull list. Not this week though. So, all these books, but what am I excited for? Well, we’ve got new issues of Aquaman, Justice League, Teen Titans, Powers: The Bureau, The Bounce, Sex, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy and Hawkeye. We’ve got the debut issue of Batman/Superman. Then getting into more story specifics, we have the follow up to last month’s Justice League of America shocker, the Talon/Birds of Prey crossover continues in Talon #9, and the Masks limited series comes to a close with issue #8. For a full list of this week’s new releases, head on over to Comic List.

215 Ink

Broken #1 (digital first)

DC Comics

All Star Western #21
Aquaman #21
Batman/Superman #1
Batman: The Dark Knight #21
Catwoman #21 (reviewing)
The Flash #21
The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #2
Injustice: Gods Among Us #24 (digital first)
Justice League #21
Justice League Dark #21
Justice League of America #5
Larfleeze #1
Red Lanterns #21
Superman #21
Talon #9
Teen Titans #21

Dynamite Entertainment

Masks #8: Digital Exclusive Edition
Uncanny #1: Digital Exclusive Edition


Powers: The Bureau #5

Image Comics

The Bounce #2
Lazarus #1
Sex #4

Marvel Comics

Captain America #8
Deadpool #12
FF #8
Gambit #14
Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Hawkeye #11
Journey Into Mystery #653
Nova #5
Secret Avengers #5
Uncanny X-Men #7
X-Men #2
Young Avengers #6

Titan Comics

A1: Odyssey #1 (digital first)


The Wake #2 (reviewing)



DC Comics

Animal Man #21 – 3 stars
Batman and Batgirl #21 – 4 stars
Batwoman #21 – 4 stars
Birds of Prey #21 – 4 stars
Green Lantern: New Guardians #21 – 4 stars
Injustice: Gods Among Us #23 – 4 stars
Justice League of America’s Vibe #5 – 3 stars
Legion of Super-Heroes #21 – 3 stars
Red Hood and the Outlaws #21 – 4 stars
Supergirl #21 – 3 stars
Wonder Woman #21 – 4 stars

Dynamite Entertainment

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #35 – 3 stars

IDW Publishing

Wild Blue Yonder #1 – 4 stars

Image Comics

Invincible #103 – 4 stars

Joseph Henson Comics

The Heroes of Echo Company #1 – 4 stars

Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel #13 – Not reading until I reach June in “Catching Up On: Marvel Comics”
Fantastic Four #9 – Not reading until I reach June in “Catching Up On: Marvel Comics”
Indestructible Hulk #9 – 5 stars
Morbius: The Living Vampire #6 – 4 stars
Thunderbolts #11 – 2 stars

Best of DC – Batwoman #21 – 4 stars
Best of Marvel – Indestructible Hulk #9 – 5 stars
Best of Other – Invincible #103 – 4 stars

Top 5

5. Batwoman #21 – 4 stars
4. Morbius: The Living Vampire #6 – 4 stars
3. Wild Blue Yonder #1 – 4 stars
2. Invincible #103 – 4 stars

Pick of the Week – Indestructible Hulk #9 – 5 stars

We’ve got a little bit of variation between the two lists this week. Featured publishers include; Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and IDW Publishing.

Purchased releases:

1. Thunderbolts #11

2. Wild Blue Yonder #1

3. Batman and Batgirl #21

4. Supergirl #21

5. Red Hood and the Outlaws #21

All releases:

1. Thunderbolts #11

2. Saga Vol. 2

3. Uncanny Avengers #9

4. Witchblade #167

5. Witch Doctor Vol. 2: Mal Practice


Written By: Mike Raicht / Story By: Mike Raicht, Zach Howard, Austin Harrison
Art By: Zach Howard / Colours By: Nelson Daniel / Letters By: Thompson Knox
Price: $3.99

This one is definitely looking like its going to be an interesting story. I’ve picked up a number of limited series first issues over the last few weeks, but Wild Blue Yonder is one of the few that grabbed me right in that first issue and made me want to see it straight through to the end of the series.

So what are we dealing with in Wild Blue Yonder? Well, think of it like this: start with the classic new guy in town/on the team story, set in a post-apocalyptic world with a heavy focus on airplanes, then throw in a slight Firefly feel and some mother/daughter issues, and lo and behold, you’ve got Wild Blue Yonder. The basic idea here is that the better life in this world is to be in the skies, if you’re land bound, you’re basically a miner or nothing. The pinnacle of this better life is the Dawn, an airship that, so it is whispered, never refuels (think about that for a second and you’ll figure it out pretty quick). In a world where resources such as fuel are limited, this is a very important fact, and the center of the story’s conflict, as a man known as the Judge, the leader of the strongest fleet in the world, is clearly intent on making the Dawn his own. The story itself appears as if it will focus on Cola, the classic young rebel who thinks she knows best, even better then her Captain on the Dawn, who also happens to be her mother, and Tug, the aforementioned new guy who has just been recruited by Cola to be the newest member of the Dawn’s crew and replacement for a recently fallen friend. First up for Tug, he’s got to learn to be a jet pack warrior.

I really hope that something in what I’ve just said appeals to you and that I’ve done the book justice because it really is a fun, exciting book while still being a little bit dark and gritty making it a pretty interesting read for slightly older, more mature readers who don’t want to get to deep into the darkness.

Score: 8.0


Written By: Christy Marx
Pencils By: Romano Molenaar / Breakdowns By: Scott McDaniel / Inks By: Jonathan Glapion / Colours By: Chris Sotomayor / Letters By: Dezi Sienty
Price: $2.99

Allow me to cut to the chase here. For those of you focused on action, his issue packs it in very nearly from end to end. And even more importantly, I’d wager that this is the best issue, at least of Christy Marx’s run on the book, if no of the entire series.

Alright, so being the best issue of a series that int quite two years old yet isn’t necessarily all that high of praise, but in the case of Birds of Prey #21, it actually is a very good issue. This is the third issue of the Birds of Prey/Talon crossover story, and it is the first issue where the stars of both books really come together. That being the case, this is the one that really kicks off the action. As I said, the action is really packed into this one, and it all revolves around a fight between our two Talons, Strix and Calvin Rose. Of course, this is an issue spanning fight sequence, so there really has to be more to it then just punches and kicks, and there absolutely is. You have to remember, these are regular Talons, these are heroes, tortured heroes, dealing with their own issues, and seeing how these things come out in the midst of the fight has a certain beauty to it. And you know what, while this fight and the character development for Strix and Calvin it brings with it are certainly the bulk of the issue, there is more going on, like for instance a bit of insight into Condor’s background and his interest in the Birds of Prey.

This really is a good one folks, a fight scene that balances emotion with excitement, character development and of course, actual story progress. My one complaint would be that this story takes place before current issues of Batgirl, so her state here doesn’t exactly line up with where she is in her own book, and because I’ve been enjoying that title so much lately, that took me out of this one just a little bit. That’s a personal gripe though, chances are it won’t effect your enjoyment of the story.

Score: 8.5

It’s my biggest Marvel Disassembled week to date with not one, not two, but three reviews.


Click the images above for my reviews of Thunderbolts #11, Indestructible Hulk #9 and Morbius: The Living Vampire #6!

But wait! There’s more! Check out my older reviews for these titles at the links below!

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Thunderbolts #7                                Indestructible Hulk #6                             Morbius: TLV #4
Thunderbolts #8                                Indestructible Hulk #7                             Morbius: TLV #5
Thunderbolts #9                                Indestructible Hulk #8
Thunderbolts #10

But what about the rest of this week’s Marvel releases? I’m glad you asked! Click HERE to find their reviews over at Marvel Disassembled.

Also, on a personal note, I’d just like to express my sadness that, due to lack of sales, Morbius was cancelled this week. We’ve got three more issues in the series to look forward to so hopefully Joe Keatinge and company will be able to bring the book to a fitting conclusion.

Another new week and a whole bunch of new comics. This week comes with a slight disappointment however as the Arrow digital first TV tie-in comic appears to now be on hiatus, presumably until we get closer to the beginning of season 2. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to this week. New issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Invincible, Captain Marvel (which I’ve only just caught up on), Indestructible Hulk, Morbius: The Living Vampire and Thunderbolts. The Birds of Prey/Talon crossover continues in Birds of Prey #21 and, following last week’s wonderful Batgirl #21, we have a Batgirl issue of (the post-Robin) Batman and Robin. As always, for the full list of this week’s new releases head over to Comic List.

DC Comics

Animal Man #21
Batman and Batgirl #21
Batwoman #21
Birds of Prey #21 (reviewing)
Green Lantern: New Guardians #21
Injustice: Gods Among Us #23 (digital first)
Justice League of America’s Vibe #5
Legion of Super-Heroes #21
Red Hood and the Outlaws #21
Supergirl #21
Wonder Woman #21

Dynamite Entertainment

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #35

IDW Publishing

Wild Blue Yonder #1 (reviewing)

Image Comics

Invincible #103

Joseph Henson Comics

The Heroes of Echo Company #1 (digital first)

Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel #13
Fantastic Four #9
Indestructible Hulk #9 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Morbius: The Living Vampire #6 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Thunderbolts #11 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)