Alright, so if you guys are reading this, then I think the odds of you liking comic books are probably pretty good. With that in mind I wanted to share something I found about a day/day and a half ago over at Comic Book Movies. It’s premiere episode of a new web series from P3 Productions, written and directed by Hisonni Johnson. Personally those names didn’t mean anything to me before seeing this video, but you may be more familiar then I am with their other series’ “Fight Night Legacy” and Olympia. The concept of this series, and the reason I’m posting it here, is what if Richard Grayson was never adopted by Bruce Wayne, but instead grew up on his own on the streets of Gotham. Basically it’s a dark, gritty elseworlds Nightwing story with sort of a Dark Knight Returns meets The Crow vibe. So, check it out, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And if you did enjoy it, you might want to head over to the projects indiegogo page HERE and lend a hand in getting us 6 more episodes of the series. Up to you of course, just letting you guys know what’s going on and giving you the chance to help out a cool DC Comics related project. Ok, I’m done selling now, you can go back to reading comics now. The new books should be dropping shortly after all.


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