A little late getting this up this week, I’ve had some inconvenient work hours, but, here we go. After a relatively light week last week, there’s actually quite a bit to get me interested here. Earth 2 and Thunderbolts continue to move in interesting if not perfect directions. The Phantom Stranger gets a title change which is surely a harbinger of things to come. Green Lantern kicks off its post-Geoff Johns-era. The second issue of The Movement comes on the heels of a very strong debut issue. We have the end of one Daredevil limited and the beginning of another. And we have the debut issue of a new digital first book, Widowed, from what appears to be a brand new publisher, Shark Face Comics (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that). Of course, this is just what I picked up. For the full list of the week’s releases head over to Comic List.

Also, a special note here. Starting this week I’m going to be tweeting a little something about each book after I finish it. It may be insightful. It may be funny (probably just to me). Or it may just be weird or stupid. So , if you’re interested in my inane remarks on the weeks new releases, or random Malcolm Reynolds quotes as I rewatch Firefly, follow me on Twitter @KehtaamuNgetal.

DC Comics

Action Comics #21
Arrow #35 (digital first)
Batwing #21 (reviewing)
Detective Comics #21
Dial H #13
Earth 2 #13
Green Arrow #21
Green Lantern #21
Injustice: Gods Among Us #21 (digital first)
The Movement #2
Stormwatch #21
Swamp Thing #21
Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #9

Image Comics

Invincible Universe #3 (reviewing)

Marvel Comics

Daredevil: Dark Nights #1
Daredevil: End of Days #8
Fearless Defenders #5
Red She-Hulk #66 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)
Thunderbolts #10 (reviewing for Marvel Disassembled)

Shark Face Comics

Widowed #1 (digital first)


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