Alright, this one should have gone up a few days ago but work’s been a bit rough this week and it just slipped through the cracks (I’ve also been distracted by E3). So here it is, the first half of my May buy list as my quest to catch up on the current Marvel Universe nears, or seems to near at least, its conclusion.

Age of Ultron #7-8
All-New X-Men #11
Alpha: Big Time #4
Avengers #11
Avengers: The Enemy Within #1
Avengers Arena #9
Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite #4
Hawkeye #10
Iron Man #9-10
Nova #4
Secret Avengers #4
Superior spider-Man #9
Thanos Rising #2
Thor: God of Thunder #8
Uncanny Avengers #8
Uncanny X-Force #4
Winter Soldier #18
Wolverine #3
X-Factor #255
X-Men: Legacy #10


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