What I ___ Today

Posted: September 14, 2014 in What I ___ Today

What I Decided Today

After a nearly 15 month hiatus, I’ve made the decision to return to this blog with what might be considered more of a serious attitude towards keeping it active and up to date. Frankly I’ve been rather stagnant in a menial full-time job that, if I’m being honest, is not even close to where I want to spend my life (my apologies to my employer if you happen upon this post, but it’s true). After observing developments in the life of a co-worker over the past six months or so, and a conversation with him the other day, I’ve come to the realization that I need to more actively seek outlets for my personal interests in the time I have outside my regular 40-hour a week job (I know that’s a pretty obvious statement, but I did say that I’ve been stagnant).

So, what does that mean exactly. First and foremost, writing, thus the return to this blog. Not just a return though, a commitment. Starting with this post, the plan going forward here will be for me to post twice a day. These posts will come in two varieties. The first, like this one, is “What I ___ Today”. It will be a space really for me to talk about whatever strikes my fancy on a given day. Today it’s “What I Decided”, but it could be “What I Saw”, “What I Read”, “What I Played” or really anything.

The second is going to be a little more focused but is no less open to variety. It will be an extension of the comic review I used to do here and currently do for Nerds Unchained (formerly Marvel Disassembled) that I am calling “Review-a-day”. More often than not these reviews will be be of comic books, but if the mood strikes me, there’s really no reason they couldn’t occasionally be books, television shows, movies, video games or anything else.

The blog though is actually only one outlet I have in mind to pursue. In addition I am also playing around with the idea of video game live streams on Twitch and from that gameplay videos on YouTube. While this part is presently a far less structured plan, it is something I intend on experimenting with.

Now, this all may seem rather trivial I suppose, and i certainly have no delusions that it will be leading to me quitting my day job as it were any time in the near future, but that really isn’t what it’s about. It’s about not just trudging through the day-to-day and actually doing something that I enjoy. Seems like a reasonable goal to me at least.


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