What I ___ Today: Sept. 20, 2014

Posted: September 20, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What Happened Today: Deadpool

Alright, so I’m not actually going to talk about something that I played/watched/read myself, but instead about something that was just announced. By some miracle, the long talked about Deadpool movie actually has a official release date: February 12, 2016. Now technically this was announced Thursday, but I didn’t see it until after I had made my Friday post, which is why I’m just talking about it now. In honor of this wondrous announcement, I thought I’d share a couple videos with you that you may or may not have already seen but which I feel are an appropriate celebration for the occasion. And after the videos I’ll share a few of my thoughts on the upcoming movie.

Alright, first things first. Ryan Reynolds, the man who has been attached to star in this movie since forever. After X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, some people probably aren’t two keen on the idea of Reynolds hanging onto the role. Personally though, I’m all for it and hope they don’t decide to change actors (and that he’s available to do it). Here’s the thing, people’s main memory of the character from X-Men Origins is the Barakapool abomination, but when Reynolds was portraying just Wade Wilson, I at least think he did a wonderful job (at least with what he had for a script). And as far as Green Lantern goes, again, he did great for what he had to work with. That movie had so many problems (one that just popped into my head being that Reynolds would probably be better suited to playing Kyle Rayner than Hal Jordan anyway) you can’t put it all on his shoulders. And if you still have doubts about him in the role, just watch the test footage. As best as I can tell, that’s Reynolds (or his voice at least), so clearly he can pull off the character’s looney tunes personality.

Next, the rating. Anyone who is at all familiar with Deadpool knows in their heart that this has to be an R-rated movie. Anything less and it’s going to come off as being watered down. Deadpool is an assassin and a lunatic, his movie is meant to be insanely violent and bloody with an astronomical body count. But this is a studio film and the want to make money, so they’ll certainly be tempted to tone it down and make it more kid friendly. I feel like Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have been trumpeting the hard R-rating for this movie, so it having a release date may mean they got through to the execs (or that they relented), we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, the supporting cast of characters. I don’t have many thoughts on a villain right now (something Weapon X maybe, but we’ve been there with Wolverine already) as I’m mostly familiar with the current volume of his book and considering how long the script has supposedly been around I doubt they’ll be mining too deeply from the current run. Allies though, that’s different. Cable feels like an absolute must. Not including him would seem like such a missed opportunity, especially with X-Men: Apocalypse scheduled for only a few months later. Also, Domino. This one is a little more optional, but I have a certain fondness for the character and obviously Deadpool needs a love interest, or at least someone to hit on incessantly. Or maybe Siryn. Banshee already exists in this universe, and I do seem to recall Deadpool and Siryn having some sort of relationship. My fear though, is that they’re going to shove Wolverine in there (and make it PG-13) because Hugh Jackman is the face of the franchise.

Well those are my thoughts right now, I actually said a lot more than I had really planned to. Hopefully you found this insightful, or at least interesting and it wasn’t just me rambling on and on.


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