What I ___ Today: Sept. 21, 2014

Posted: September 21, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Sword Art Online II (episodes 11 & 12)


Well, that’s another two episodes of Sword Art Online II behind me and we certainly seem to be gearing up for the end of the Death Gun arc. I’ve been curious for awhile if they might pull the mid-season game switch again like they did in season 1. The fact that we’ve now hit the halfway point and it hasn’t happened makes me assume it’s not going to and i’m of two minds on that. I don’t want them to do it late and then not give the new game enough time, but from where things are now, I have trouble seeing how GGO can possibly pad out 12 more episodes. Just going to have to wait and see I guess.

Where are they exactly? Well, Kirito’s fight with Death Gun within GGO has finally gotten started, and in rather typical anime fashion, episode 12 ends mid-fight. It is definitely nice to see this showdown finally happening, though honestly, most the Death Gun related stuff in these two episodes was pretty exposition heavy with Kirito even rattling off a slightly long winded theory on exactly how Death Gun is pulling off his murders in episode 11.

And that theory brings us to our primary women. Let’s start with Sinon and how SAO can always be counted on to make things just a little bit creepy. Certainly we haven’t gotten to the level of the second half of season one yet, but we have been presented with the reality, or at least the idea of a (presumably) male character looming over an essentially unconscious female character (Sinon). So yeah, there’s that. On the lighter side of creepy though, finally, FINALLY someone in the show explicitly took notice of how ridiculously low Sinon shorts are riding…as demonstrated with a gratuitous butt shot, obviously.

We can’t forget about Asuna though, well, actually it probably wouldn’t be that hard, but hey, she’s there. She has all of one scene in each episode, both of which revolve around Kirito in one way or another. To a certain degree that’s fair, he is the protagonist and these two episodes were definitely focused on him, but it would be nice if she got more to do then talk about boyfriend/run to boyfriend/fear for boyfriend. Remember when she was strong and independent? Long time ago wasn’t it? I do admit though, she seems to now at least be positioned to have an important role in the conclusion to the Death Gun deal, it’s whether or not she actually will that remains in question.



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