Review-a-day: Black Adam #3

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Review-a-day
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After the end of the second issue, the Black Adam limited series seemed to be riding a pretty strong wave of momentum. Perhaps something of a stumble should have been expected. what exactly is it that managed to trip up our fugitive on a mission, Teth-adam?

Just a big, fat trope. Nothing but the best for Black Adam, but first, a little catch-up. After being unsuccessful with his initial resurrection of his beloved Isis, Teth-Adam has had to seek out alternative means to complete his mission. This led him to Doctor fate’s Tower and surprisingly Felix Faust. The two reached a mutually beneficial agreement and Faust restored his powers. Now though, in order to properly resurrect Isis, Faust requires Adam to recover her amulet (because he lost one of her fingers in a previous issue). Of course, nothing can be that simple, as Isis’s amulet has apparently been troped, I mean fractured by Captain and Mary Marvel (he was still Captain Marvel back then, before he got shazamed by lawyers) and scattered across the globe. All kidding aside though, this is still a pretty strong issue despite the bad trope. There’s a rather good fight scene with Hawkman (a good choice of opponent considering the similarities of their romantic circumstances) where Adam proves that even if he’s on a relatively noble quest, he is still very much a villain. And once again the issue ends on a big moment to make readers hungry for the next issue.

While I can’t bring myself to think of this issue as being as good as the previous one (because of the word I’ve already said at least three times), it is, as I said, still a strong issue. While the story seems to be taking some detours, at no point did it feel like things weren’t progressing forward, which is important when you only have six issues to tell your tale. If you’ve enjoyed the series to this point and aren’t eager to dive into issue #4 after the end of this one, frankly i don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Score: 8.0

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Art By: Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Rodney Ramos and Nathan Eyring
Letters By: Nick J. Napolitano
Price: $1.99 (on ComiXology)


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