What I ___ Today: Sept. 22, 2014

Posted: September 22, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episodes 11 & 12)


I’ll admit it, I about had a heart attack in the first 30 seconds of episode 11. Seriously, this show has instilled the fear of character deaths in me more than anything I have ever watched. And this episode in particular, I can count three occasions where I could have sworn a member of Night Raid was dead or about to be killed. If you’re not getting this , I’m saying the episode was rough. And yet so much fun, in a heart-wrenching sort of way. A roller coaster almost from the start, and then, when you need the calm, the peace. When you need that moment to recover from all the craziness, it gets ridiculously cute from completely out of nowhere. And it’s perfect.

Which brings us to the new characters that were introduced in these two episodes. Susanoo and Chelsea. It would be easy to write the two of them off as just replacements for Bulat and Sheele and while there are certainly some similarities between the two pairs there is enough differences to make them there own people.

Susanoo is a quirky neat freak with super homemaker skills and a sweet pole weapon. He should make for good comic relief and a absolute beast in combat (as he demonstrated in his debut), I just hope that he doesn’t become too much of a one trick pony.

Chelsea on the other hand seems like she may become something deeper. With a cosmetic Imperial Arm that allows her to take on the appearance and mannerisms of anyone or anything (seemingly) she is easily the most deceptive member of the team. Combine that with a mind for mischief and she could be a lot of fun. But as well as butting heads with Mine almost immediately, she also seems to have quickly slipped into a mentor role with Tatsumi, and to a degree the rest of the team as well.

I do have to worry at this point though. This makes at least four episodes in a row without a main character dying. We all know that’s it’s only a matter of time before we lose somebody else. let’s just hope they die with all their parts in tact.



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