What I ___ Today: Sept. 23, 2014

Posted: September 23, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Gotham


The Fall Comic Book TV season has started. First out of the blocks, the series premiere of Gotham. Is it the next big thing for comic properties on television, or the first of the season to hit the trash heap? Well, right now it’s probably somewhere in the middle really. I definitely feel like there was more I liked in this premiere episode than I didn’t. Sure, it can be cheesy, but what comic book show/movies isn’t at least a little bit. It’s not perfect, but I think there’s a lot of potential here. Now, if they will just stopping winking so hard at the fanboys it could become something special.


– Donal Logue. He was unquestionably one of the biggest highlights of the show for me. He wears the role of Harvey Bullock perfectly and I have a feeling he may be what keeps me watching more than anything…with one possible exception.

– Robin Lord Taylor: How much more of a draw Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot than Donal Logue all depends on how much screen time he ends up getting. He seems to be just the right combination of creepy, crazy and ssnivelingand could definitely be the showstealer here.

– The music: It’s just Batman enough while still being it’s own thing. And at least in this episode it seemed to fit just right. Definite bonus points go to whoever made the decision to include The Dead Weather on the soundtrack.


– Ivy Pepper: It’s stupid, but the fanboy in me has to mention this. We all know she’s supposed to be Poison Ivy, so regardless of how small her role on the show ends up being, having her be anyone but Pamela Isley is going to bother me. It will only stop bothering me when they come up with a really strong explanation for the change.

– The forced connectedness: Really? Catwoman witnessed the Wayne’s murder? Really? The Riddler works at the GCPD? Really? The Penguin works for Fish Mooney who works for Carmine Falcone? Maybe this was just throwing everything into the pilot in an effort to make a big splash but it comes off feeling really contrived. Hopefully this gets dialed back as we go.

– The camera winking: Thankfully I mean that figuratively, but this is another thing that needs dialing back. Was it really neccessary for “riddles” to be like the second word out of Bullock’s mouth after Edward Nygma comes on screen? Did Oswald have to be referred to as “Penguin” in his first scene even though he’s not that guy yet? And did it really need to be explicitly stated that Bruce Wayne is learning to conquer fear? It’s all a little much honestly.



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