What I Watched Today: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2 premiere)


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back for season 2 and it seems like we’ve actually got some interesting things going on right from the start.  Before we get to what really intrigued me about the episode though, let me just touch on a couple of other things first.

Director Coulson: Obviously some time has passed since the end of Season 1 and Coulson seems to have dived headlong into his new role of rebuilding Shield. I’m definitely a fan of this transition and it should be interesting to see how much Coulson-ness he retains and how much of a Nick Fury-type personality he takes on as the season progresses. even in this episode there reference to him becoming much more isolated from the rest of the team; except perhaps May, who he seems to be on much better terms with again these days.

Absorbing Man: Not the highest villain in the Marvel Universe and not one I’m overly familiar with, I was actually a little impressed with how he was used in this episode as he uses multiple material forms for varying purposes. The one thing I did find a bit strange was the seeming implication that he takes some sort of almost fetishistic/drug-like pleasure in his transformations, but thankfully that little detail wasn’t given that much attention.

The new team members: My first impression is that I like them, though it’s hard to form a solid opinion as some don’t get all that much screen time. Now, given the way the episode ended, a couple of their futures appear to be in doubt, but I have trouble believing we’ve seen the last of Lucy Lawless/Isabelle Hartly. And I really hope we aren’t as I’ve had affection for her since I was a kid watching Xena (yup, like every Saturday, and Hercules and Sinbad. It was awesome!).

Now, let’s get to what I thought were the most interesting, creepy and dark parts of the episode, shall we?

Grant Ward: Considering how he ended last season, I had to wonder how long it would be before we saw him this season and what they would do with him when he showed up. Well, obviously it didn’t take long for him to show up, in a high tech holding cell beneath the team’s HQ, and I really like the way they seem to be going with him. The best way I can describe the turn his character has taken is the mass murderer who found religion while in prison. One of the biggest knocks against Brett Dalton in season 1 was that his acting tended to be pretty stiff. Well, in his one scene in this episode I think he did an excellent job of infusing his speech and his mannerisms with a certain creepiness. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

Leo Fitz: The direction that would be taken with Fitz/Simmons was certainly one of the biggest questions for me coming out of season 1. While more of a grounded and perhaps even cliche choice then what i might have theorized, I’m definitely interested in seeing how it gets played out. I’ll admit it, they completely got me with the dark turn to his story during the closing moments of the episode. I probably should have seen it coming, but I didn’t, because i accepted everything with him before that point at face value.

So those were the major talking points i came out of this episode with. The episode had it’s weak points, but overall I felt it was pretty solid. Now let’s hope it stays solid and we don’t get stuck in a holding pattern waiting for Avengers: Age of Ultron like season 1 obviously did waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.



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