What I Watched Today: Star Wars The Clone Wars Legacy


Without question it is a very interesting time to be a Star Wars fan. There are a slew of new movies on the way over the next five years. The new animated series Star Wars Rebels premieres this coming Friday (Oct. 3). The new canon expanded universe (I don’t think they’re actually calling it that anymore) kicked off earlier this month with the release of Star Wars A New Dawn, a novel that acts as a prequel to the Rebels TV series. Yes, there is a lot coming down the pipe and I am loving being able to get in on the ground floor of all this new material.

Let’s take a step back for a minute though. The last Star Wars animated series, Star Wars The Clone Wars ran for five seasons from 2008-2013 with the shortened sixth season premiering this past March exclusively on Netflix when the series as a whole became available on the service. If you were like me, you probably thought, with rebels on the way, those Netflix-exclusive episodes were the end for The Clone Wars. Well, turns out that’s not quite the case. Over on StarWars.com this past Friday I believe, they put six videos and various pieces of concept art under the heading of Star Wars The Clone Wars Legacy. One video talks about three stories that had been finished to one degree or another for the series, but that never got the final full production treatment, and the various ways in which these stories are now being told (one is going to be a novel, another is a limited run comic book, and the third I’ll talk about in a second). A second video is a short one of series Supervising Director Dave Filoni in which  he introduces the other four videos.

But what are those other four videos? They are what the site and Dave Filoni refer to as story reels for one of the three story arc I mentioned before titled “Crystal Crisis on Utapau.” Essentially each of these videos are full length, fully voiced episodes of the show, only lacking final art assets and proper animation. It’ odd sitting and watching these episodes in such a clearly unfinished/unpolished state, yet at the same time, once you get past them looking something like a bad student project, they’re actually a lot of fun and it’s a very cool story. One that plays deeply into a very important part of the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. Honestly, the worst thing I can say about these story reels is that they really made me miss The Clone Wars series. As a counter to that though, I’m probably more excited for Rebels since watching them than I was beforehand (not that i wasn’t excited already).

If you were a fan of The Clone Wars, or if you are just generally a Star Wars fan, you should definitely head over to StarWars.com and check these videos out.


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