Review-a-day: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Review-a-day
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Here it is, the conclusion to what I referred to previously as one the most influential Green Arrow stories. In the end, was the 1987 limited series able to live up to that reputation, or to the rather high expectations I have for it following the first two issues?

In all honestly, I have to say that I was actually a little bit let down by this finale issue. Don’t get me wrong, by no means do I think it was a bad issue. It’s not, at all. Having now completed the series for the first time, I absolutely believe it deserves to be seen as an important story in the characters history (even if it probably isn’t considered “canon” anymore since The New 52 reboot). No, a more accurate way to describe my feeling about this issue would be unsatisfying. Spoiler: the good guys “win” in the end, more or less anyway. But it definitely isn’t what I would call a fist-pumping, celebratory kind of victory. The issue delivers when it comes to clarifying what exactly the villains in business suits have been up to this whole time. With that explanation though, comes a lot of murkiness. Why? Well, it turns out their entire plan revolves around Iran-Contra (a very timely subject for a story printed in 1987). So that means not only do we have U.S.-based criminals and the yakuza involved, but also the C.I.A. Add to that a Green Arrow trying to get justice for his girlfriend while still trying to do the hero thing (which is hard after what Dinah was put through last issue) and a Shado who is working to pay a debt that’s not even really hers (it’s a Yakuza/honor thing). So, yeah, it gets pretty murky. The good guys win, but the bad guys don’t all necessarily lose.

So, maybe not the most satisfying ending, but as a whole I definitely enjoyed the story. The art alone is enough to make me glad I picked this one up. I would love to see DC return to books that look like this, at least once in a while. And while this may not have changed how I feel about Green Arrow (cause I already love the character), it definitely increased my affection for Shado. In the future I’ll probably look into to picking up stories in which she’s a central character to learn more about her.


Score: 7.5

Written By: Mike Grell
Art By: Mike Grell, Lurene Haines and Julia Lacquement
Letters By: Ken Bruzenak
Price: $2.99 (on ComiXology)


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