What I ___ Today: Oct. 1, 2014

Posted: October 1, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (episode 2)


There were a few minutes at the start of this week’s episode that I had the distinct impression that this was going to be one of those episodes that was just treading water. And then she blew in on a dress of flowers.

I didn’t have any real expectations that we would be seeing Raina this season. Now that she’s made her appearance though, I realize how foolish that was. As important as she was during season one, and the fact that she survived that season, I really should have assumed we hadn’t seen the last of her. It seems like she’s going to be having a pivotal role in things this season as well, despite apparently no longer being associated with Hydra. And boy, do I ever have questions about her last scene this episode. questions I’m just going to assume I’ll have to wait most of the season to get answers to.

As far as the continuation of the most interesting characters from last episode go though, well, there was no Ward all so that was disappointing (from the preview though it appears he’ll be in episode three). Fitz on the other hand was very present and his story continues to be interesting. I’m definitely liking the developing dynamic between him and Mac (and since Mac was almost non-existent in the first episode I’m glad he’s got something to do). let me tell you, when Mac commented to Fitz on Simmons leaving, I was completely waiting for Fitz to deny that she was gone. The one thing I hope here is that this isn’t going to be a steady upward trajectory of Fitz’s condition. I’m fully expecting him to snap at some point this season and if he doesn’t I’m probably going to be disappointed about it.

And then there’s Coulson and May. the explanation of the symbols Coulson’s being drawing (and that are on the Obelisk as well) is another thing I assume will take most the season to get, but the reveal, or rather hint, at May’s role in helping Coulson deal with his “condition’ was certainly intriguing. This is clearly going to be one of the major through lines for the season and I can’t wait until it all comes to a head with Skye and her father.

And as one last note, I’m not buying that we’ve seen the last of Hartley even though she got a funeral this episode (keep in mind, they didn’t show her body in the coffin). I just feel like Lucy Lawless is too recognizable a name in this sort of community (between Xena and Spartacus) for her to be cast in such a relatively small role. With Hunter still around and a bit of a tease that Hartley’s sister may make an appearance at some point, I definitely feel like she’ll be back sooner or later.



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