What I ___ Today: Oct. 2, 2014

Posted: October 2, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Played Today: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Welcome to October and with Shadow of Mordor the end of the “video game drought”. I know, I’m sure there have been games coming out, but this is the first major release in awhile, at least as far as I’m concerned. I did have it in my head to stream this game, but for various reasons I just didn’t feel like it when the time came for any of my three play sessions (a bad habit to get into, I know, I need to get myself on a regular streaming schedule). What I did do, was record my last session of the game with the intent of posting it here. I will not be posting it here because I had a Forza Horizon 2 stream playing on my other monitor (for no good reason admittedly) and XSplit recorded the audio for both the game and the Forza stream. A stupid mistake I won’t be making again.

Alright, now that’s out of the way, let’s actually talk about the game. When I first saw gameplay for Shadow of Mordor, my impression, as I’m sure was a lot of peoples, was that it seemed to play a lot like the Assassin’s Creed or Batman: Arkham games. Having now put about five hours into the game, I can say, it definitely plays a lot like those games. There are differences certainly, but combat unquestionably feels like that good ol’ Arkham combat. Not a bad thing by any stretch, the Arkham games have one of the best action combat systems there is. Structurally though, I’d say it’s more on point with Assassin’s Creed. The go anywhere world, the mass of side missions, and climbing through ranks of enemy Captains (the Arkham games tend toward a more linear progression of boss characters).

Getting past the comparisons to other franchises, the important thing is whether or not it’s fun, and it is a lot of fun, even when I’m getting killed by caragors, repeatedly (i hate those things so much). One of the fun things about this type of games is being able to wander the world, completely ignoring the main story missions, yet still never running out of things to do, and Shadow of Mordor definitely satisfies that need. And of course wading into a huge mob of enemies that never seems to end and just going crazy on them will always be fun. Sure, aesthetically, I’m always going to prefer the trappings of a Batman game, that’s just who I am, but there is something so very satisfying about executing Uruks and getting the spew of black blood.


This is my game right now, I am going to be playing a lot of it, so odds are I will be streaming it at some point. Maybe when I get home from work (that would be the morning of Oct. 3, atlantic time).


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