What I ___ Today: Oct. 7, 2014

Posted: October 8, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episode 14) & Gotham (episode 3)

Akame ga Kill:


So, this was a bit of a strange episode, though also an oddly insightful one as well. Focusing mostly on the “date” between Tatsumi and Esdeath it’s this odd combination of incredibly awkward romance and an incredibly awkward kidnapping/stockholm syndrome situation. It works though, because it’s a villain and a hero forced together so it should be this awkward.

The interesting thing forcing Tatsumi and Esdeath onto a deserted island allowed for though, was a chance to give us more background on Esdeath. What we learned is that she is really messed up. I mean we’ve known since she was first introduced that she was sadistic and just plain crazy, but now we have insight into why. Raised in a harsh environment, hunting killer monsters since she was a kid and always taught that weakness deserves death, how could she not come out messed up. Despite her craziness though, at the end, once they have been returned from the island and Tatsumi is hiding from Esdeath by way of Incursio, I actually felt bad seeing how heartbroken she was.

Elsewhere, because there were other things in this episode besides Esdeath and Tatsumi (though not much), we are introduced to a new villain (I think he was actually introduced last episode but this is the first time we spent any time with him), and well, he’s the evil Minister’s son, so he’s a bit of a prick. It’s a bit odd to think a new villain has been introduced with Esdeath and the Jaegers still very much an issue and the Minister still lurking in the background, but we’ll see how it goes. Somebody is definitely going to die soon though.




Alright, I think after three episodes, it’s about time I gave up any hope that Gotham is going to find an understanding of the word “subtlety.” that concept pretty much went out the window this week as the show ushered in a vigilante character as their villain-of-the-week. No, sadly, the man in the pig mask below is not Professor Pyg as seemed a possibility when I first saw the trailer showing him. Instead he is the Balloon Man. Or is it Balloonman. Is doesn’t matter really, the character isn’t as important as what he represents…hmm, that sounds like an awfully familiar idea.

So, what does he represent? A few things I suppose. He’s a symbol for the people of Gotham to rally behind and to show Jim Gordon that Gotham’s citizens believe everyone with any authority in the city to be corrupt. He is obviously an early version of what Batman becomes later in the city’s history. And probably most importantly as far as the show is concerned, he is clearly a source of inspiration to young Bruce Wayne, though Bruce does maintain that killing criminals still makes you a criminal yourself. I don’t actually have a probably with the show using any of these concepts, frankly it would probably be a bit strange if the didn’t. I just wish they hand used them with a tad more (say it with me) subtlety.

As for Professor Pyg, well, it’s probably better they didn’t use him. As I said of the Dollmaker last week, that might have been a bit much for Gotham this early in it’s lifespan. Elsewhere in the show, Oswald continues to climb back out of the gutter Fish, Bullock and Gordon dumped him in and he continues to be one of the most interesting parts of the show. Robin Lord Taylor is doing an excellent job with the character. Now, one last note, can we lay off the Bullock investigating Bullock-style montages for a little bit now? We’ve gotten two (if not three) of them in the first three episodes of the show. It’s too early for things to be getting that formulaic.



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