Review-a-day: Earth 2 #27

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Review-a-day
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It was a double release this week for Earth 2’s “World’s End” story arc (or triple since World’s End #1 was a double issue) and we may already be hitting some continuity issues. Be that as it may, things are still moving forward so let’s get into it.

So, what is this continuity error that has shown up so very early in this story? In this issue Huntress, power Girl and the Earth 2 crew are off an adventure that would seem to imply the enemy they met at the end of earth 2: World’s End #1 (after they had all only just met) had already been dealt with. Now, maybe this isn’t actually a continuity error so much as a publishing order error (it wouldn’t be the first time DC had such issues). On the plus side, that is probably the biggest negative there is about this issue. Standing on it’s own, it’s a very sweet and well put together issue. The largest focuses within the issue are placed on the relationships between Kara and Val, and Helena and Thomas. It was interesting to see the dynamic between Huntress and the Batman of Earth 2 who is not her father. It plays nicely out of the initial tension that exists when they meet in World’s End #1. On the other side, we get a glimpse into the history that exists between Kara and Val from when they were kids. Maybe they are being put into a romantic relationship too quickly given that they were kids the last time they saw each other, but it never feels out of place (well, Kara’s flirting is a little weird) or forced. It did get very close to being unbearably cheesy in the super collider sequence though.

The overall themes of family and friendship, love and loss are explored in a very nice and beautiful way. Despite the seeming continuity error, on its own this is a very sweet, very strong issue that makes me look even more forward to seeing how these two relationships play out.


Score: 7.5

Written By: Marguerite Bennett and Tom Taylor
Art By: Andy Smith, Trevor Scott, Marcus To, Scott Hanna and Peter Pantazis
Letters By: Dezi Sienty
Price: $2.99


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