Let’s be honest, this is the story we’ve been building towards since the Earth 2 series debuted. And as best I can tell, it has a whole lot to do with what’s going on in the “Futures End” story as well. That makes this a very important story for the whole of the DC Universe, with the potential to bring about some major changes.

The first half of this double-issue, narrated by Alan Scott, focuses on retelling a lot of what happened before and with the first few issues of the Earth 2 series and is arguably far more interest than the latter half of the book despite a lot of it being story readers of the main series have already gotten. The glimpses into the moments leading up to the death of the Trinity (they actually refer to them as the Trinity in the issue) way back in Earth 2 #1, along with the sombre tone of the narration for this section makes for a beautiful setup for the story that’s to come. Where things start to falter somewhat for me is when the narrative shifts away from this retelling and back to present day events. While I can recognize their value as setup for the rest of the story, I honestly could have done without the Flash/Hawkgirl, Hawkgirl/Doctor Fate, Bedlam and Commander Khan/Sandman scenes. It’s not that these scenes are particularly bad, just that compared to the first half of the book and the reunion scenes in the second half, they just aren’t that interesting. On the subject of those reunion scenes, it was definitely nice to see Huntress and Power Girl return home, though it was disappointing that everybody in that scene’s immediate reaction was “let’s fight.” In the context it makes an amount of sense, it’s just a cliche I’m getting tired of seeing, at least it doesn’t actually come to blows. This is probably the element of this story (which I had no idea was coming since I haven’t been reading World’s Finest) that I am now most looking forward to seeing play out.

As a final note of interest, the fact that Earth 2’s Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson got a degree of focus in this issue definitely intrigues me as they have had very minor, if not non-existent (forgive my memory) up until this point. Not a perfect issue, but definitely an interesting start to what should be a very impactful story.


Score: 7.5

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Mike Johnson
Art By: Ardian Syaf, Sandra Hope, Danny Miki, Jorge Jimenez, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Paolo Siqueira, Cam Smith, Scott McDaniel, John Kalisz, Allen Passalaqua and Jason Wright
Letters By: Dezi Sienty
Price: $2.99


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