What I ___ Today: Oct. 13, 2014

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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episode 15)


This was actually a bit of a strange episode as somehow a lot managed to happen without a lot actually happening. I know that’s an odd statement, but if you watch the episode I think you’ll see exactly what I mean. To try and put in slightly clearer terms though, plot-wise this was a huge step forward. They may as well have just come out and said, we’re moving into the home stretch so we’re about to kick things into high gear and it’s going to get nuts. As far as what actually happens this episode goes though, it was one of those episodes that was more about talking about what’s about to happen rather than actually letting it happen. We’re talking a lot of exposition here folks, including what seemed to be a very long scene of Najenda walking Night Raid through their plan of attack.

I have a feeling the team working on the show recognized that this was a bit of a slow, mostly action-less, exposition heavy episode, because the tempered things with a generous helping of fan service. Yup, it’s that episode. As you can glimpse in the screen cap below, the girls of Night Raid spend some time in bathing suits this episode. All except Najenda that is, which is probably a good thing. Having Leone and Chelsea in front of him was plenty to set Lubbock’s hormones racing, adding Najenda to the mix probably would have killed him. And you can see the terribly awkward position poor, innocent Tatsumi was placed in. And speaking of Tatsumi, I’d be remiss not to mention how this show seems to be becoming far more of a harem show than I ever would have expected. Seriously, Akame, Esdeath and apparently now Chelsea, all with their eyes on Tatsumi. It’s actually a bit ridiculous. Does this show really need that kind of an element to it?

Getting back to some actual plot, the main thrust (yes, I am consciously choosing to follow the fan service/harem paragraph with the word “thrust”, problem?) of the episode is that the time has finally come for the Revolutionary Army to make their move against the Capital, but perhaps more importantly, it’s time for the showdown between Night raid and the Jaegers. This leads to the whole of Night Raid facing down Bols and Kurome, after quickly dismissing Wave from the fight (though I’m sure he’ll find his way back). Despite Night Raid’s meticulous planning though, Kurome is quick to demonstrate how vastly they have underestimated her power. You know the deaths I’ve been saying were inevitable for a few weeks now? Well, we got through another one without any, but it seems pretty clear to me that thhe blood bath is about to begin. i’m not sure if I want next week to get here or not.


What I Read Today: Attack on Titan Volume 9


i can’t tell you how happy I am right now to finally be ahead in the Attack on Titan manga of where the first season of the anime ended. And as if I weren’t already looking forward to the all too slowly approaching second season of the anime, reading volume 9 of the manga has definitely gotten me extra hyped up. The strangest part of that is, Mikasa, Eren and Armin, who have been entirely central to the story up until this point, take a backseat for the greater part of this volume, appearing only in Episode 37 (the third of the four episodes in the volume) and on the very last page. Instead of the usual suspects, Hajime Isayama instead puts the majority of the focus on the like of Mike Zacharias, Connie Springer, Sasha Blouse, Krista Lenz and Ymir (who has apparently been promoted from face in the background to someone who matters enough to be named).

Sasha in particular shines in this volume, with Episode 36 being almost entirely focused on her and (to my recollection) giving us our first real look at her background. This was definitely nice to see. Sasha makes such a big impression when she is first introduced but then mostly just fades into the background. Guess what though? She may not be Mikasa, but she totally disables a Titan by herself without vertical maneuvering gear (granted it’s only a 3-meter class, but still). It’s Connie and Mike’s sections that really start raising questions though. like Sasha, Connie returns to his home village to warn them of the Titans that have been seen in the area and to evacuate them. What he finds is a village with the buildings destroyed and completely deserted save for one malformed Titan that’s unable to move. But there’s no blood, so no one got eaten…right?

And then there’s Mike Zacharias, the first one to encounter the Beast Titan you see pictured on the cover above. This Beast Titan seems as if it’s going to be the most interesting breed of Titan to this point. It’s made very clear that this is another human-transformed-Titan like the Female Titan before it and Eren, but it’s very different. Aside from being covered in hair, it speaks, clearly and intelligently, and it is shown to command, or at the very least strike fear into, other Titans. This is certainly going to be a terrifying new foe for our heroes to deal with. The question now, is how many of them will it take down before they find a way to stop it?



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