What I ___ Today: Oct. 14, 2014

Posted: October 14, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Star Wars Rebels (episode 2) & Gotham (episode 4)

Star Wars Rebels:


The 10-day wait is over and the new episode of Star wars rebels is here, and while Kanan and Ezra were front and center in the premiere double episode, this one definitely belonged to Zeb. This is Disney animation though and it is certainly designed to appeal to younger viewers, so Ezra gets a big moment as well.

So, since this is very much Zeb’s episode, let’s talk about Zeb. If he’s species doesn’t look familiar to you, that’s ok, because apparently he is one the last remaining Lasats of Lasan. I know, I know, “one of the last of his people” is a bit of a trope, but that’s alright, because they use it well. Linking Zeb’s history and the history of his people to Imperial Agent Kallus was an excellent choice. The conflict between these two characters is played very nicely in the episode complete with Kallus (such an Imperial name by the way, why isn’t he a Darth) using a ceremonial weapon of the Lasat species. And defying the expectation by having the first duel of the series not involve a lightsaber was pretty smart. I like the idea that any time Kanan breaks out the lightsaber is going to be a big moment for the show.

Let’s not forget about Ezra though. His moment came at the end of the Zeb/Kallus duel. Yes, it’s baby’s first force push everyone! That (and kind od saving Zeb’s life) was enough for Kanan to finally (they make it seem like it’s been a really long time in the show) start Ezra’s formal Jedi training. I’m still not sure how this is supposed to work, since my understanding of Kanan from “A New Dawn” is that he’s not even really half-trained himself. Regardless, it’s still a fun show. Oddly though, the crew came off more like that of the Serenity this episode than that of the Millenium Falcon.




Congratulations Gotham! You did something very special for me this week. You made me interested in you, not as a DC Comics show, not as a Batman prequel show, but just as a show. I’d say it took Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow nearly their entire first seasons to do what you just did in four episodes. No wonder you just got greenlit for six more episodes this season.

So what was so intriguing about Gotham this week? Well, let’s start with The Penguin. Yes, i praise him every week, but that’s because he deserves it. Forget Jim Gordon, even forget Harvey Bullock, Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot is the honestly the star of this show right now. This twisted, sociopathic character he is breathing life into every week is a thing of beauty to watch as he slowly climbs the ranks. Next up, the villain of the week. I admit, if “Gladwell” was supposed to be someone out of DC Comics, I completely missed the connection. It didn’t matter though, he was intriguing and menacing all the same. And, my Batman fanboys, you can’t tell me you didn’t see the origins of Penguin’s umbrella in this guy’s weapon like I did. And finally, Liza. Oh my, Liza. Again, no connection to the comics that I’m aware of, but after this week’s episode, I can’t not want to see more of her. the sad part is though, if Fish’s plan for her is what it seems to be, I can’t imagine her surviving it, unless she actually is protected by the same canon-shield that is protecting all the primary players in the series.

As a final note, kudos for not actually trying to make Arkham City, the Arkham City players of the video game by the same name know. That would have made absolutely no sense. Gotham City just is not that far gone yet, and won’t be for a long time. The next episode can’t get here soon enough for me. As much as it surprises me to admit, I  think I’m falling in love with this show.



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