What I Watched Today: Yu-Gi-Oh!


Why on earth am I talking about Yu-Gi-Oh!? It’s a fair question. No, it’s probably not as relevant as it was say, 10-15 years ago (maybe it is, I don’t actually know). Yes, there’s another new series (which debuted back in April), but that isn’t what this about. I haven’t actually watched any of Arc-V yet. what this is, is more about a general love on my part. Yes, it’s confession time. Yu-Gi-Oh! was probably the first anime I really loved, like watched every Saturday  if I could loved. I know, that’s not terrible. Surely there are worse things, right? Well, it gets a little more hinky when I admit that I was in high school when I fell in love with the series. I don’t know why this show about “a children’s card game” grabbed me, but it did. It’s one of very few TV shows/movies that I, not only have ever, but routinely rewatch. Not in it’s entirety sure (the first series has over 200 episodes), but I’ve certainly seen some episodes a handful of times.

This is what I watched though, so you may be thinking there’s probably something more specific that has spurned me to talk about the franchise. And you’d be right. No, I’m not rewatching the 4Kids episodes again. Instead, for the very first time I am watching the Toei episodes (fan-subbed because I don’t speak Japanese). I’ve only watched the first two episodes far and haven’t noticed that many differences (other than card names) but I’m looking forward to continuing my journey through this new look at the series.

And now to share a little something with you. it’s not new, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen it. If you’ve never watched any Yu-Gi-Oh!, this may not be the best introduction to the series (or it’s the perfect introduction), but if you have ever enjoyed the franchise and you haven’t seen this, then you need to watch it.

What I Played Today: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Not a lot I need to say here. I’ve talked about this game plenty, so you can just check out my latest hour playing the game down below. i do have to apologize for the Mugluk Pit Fighter fight. It took me way too long to figure that fight out.


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