What I ___ Today: Oct. 20, 2014

Posted: October 22, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episode 16)


I don’t know how we keep doing it. I really don’t. This show taught us early on that the characters we love are going to die. And yet somehow we keep making it through episodes here without anyone dying. It makes no sense. It makes so little sense I’m actually starting to get a little mad about it, which is a really weird feeling. Granted though, this week’s episode did end with a huge buildup of potential for some deaths to be revealed next episode.

While there weren’t any deaths, not even amongst the bad guys, we did have some good dismemberments and a pretty sweet transformation from Susanoo, which you can see below (his head looks kinda weird in that image though). Now, obviously I’m not going to tell you exactly which characters lost limbs (because at least one, maybe two, that’s unconfirmed, were Night Raid members) because if you want to know and don’t already, then you should go watch the show. What I will say though, which is only partially unrelated, is that holy crap is Kurome is creepy. I’m not sure what it is exactly about her. It could be that she’s a little girl. Or that she’s wearing what’s essentially a school uniform. It could be that she is so clearly in love with death. Or maybe it’s the combination of all those things. Whatever the answer, the girl is seriously creepy, and she’s probably at her peak in that regard this episode (yes, she’s the cause of some of the dismembering).

I’m not going to proclaim once again that the bloodbath is coming. I’ve said it plenty of times only to be disappointed (by the lack of a bloodbath, what is wrong with me) and if you’re watching this show then you know as well as i do that it has to be coming at some point. I will, however, tell you that I’m actually intrigued by what’s going on with Wave. An odd statement to make about a character that was barely in the episode, but the fact that he was in the episode at all, even if only to try and fail to move (after Susanoo wrecked him in the previous episode), would seem to imply that something of significance is going to come from that situation, and I’m interested to see what that is going to be.


What I Read Today: Attack on Titan, vol. 11


Yes, I’m one volume closer to being up to date on Attack on Titan. And oh, man, did things ever start to go nuts in volume 11.  At the end of volume 10, it was clear that the fight between Eren and the Armored Titan was going to be an important part of this one, but in no way was I prepared for what Hajime Isayama delivered here. All the Titan fights up until this point have been nothing next to this one.

Even the fight with the Female Titan, featured near the end of season one of the anime, pales in comparison, not just to the beauty of the fight itself, but to the story elements that wove into it. So let’s start by talking about the actual fight itself. I was honestly just expecting this to be another punch out brawl, because that’s what Eren has always been shown to be to this point. A puncher. A brawler. And that’s how the fight starts, and it doesn’t go well for Eren at all, as smacking flesh and bone into armor shouldn’t. From there though, Eren actually smartens up for once and thinks. Not just about anything though. No, he thinks back to training that Annie of all people gave him. And that’s when we go from a brawl to a submissions match. Seriously, I was not mentally prepared for this fight to become an MMA thing, and it kept evolving as well. I could deal with the first hold, because there was the context of Annie teaching it to Eren, but then he switched holds, multiple times with the guillotine choke being the capper (I apologize MMA people if that’s not the proper name, it’s what I know it as). and in the end, Eren actually won the fight, or he would have if the Colossus Titan hadn’t fallen on them.

So with the fight over, Reiner and Bertolt abscond with Eren and Ymir. This leads to one of the more revealing conversations yet about what Titans are and where they come from, but still doesn’t actually tell us anything definite. It was enough for me to form some theories of my own though, and sometimes that’s enough. After reading this volume, I can’t wait for the second season of the anime. I need to see this fight scene animated. It’s too good not to be.



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