What I ___ Today: Oct. 25, 2014

Posted: October 27, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Constantine (episode 1)


First impression: this was actually better than I was expecting it to be. It is definitely a little ham, the demon I assume was supposed to be Nergal especially looked pretty low budget. And it’s certainly not scary which you may expect a show featuring the occult to be (at least not this episode).

Now, John Constantine and the more magic section of the DC Universe are not things I am overly familiar with so I’m not going to be able to dive into the minutia here like I can usually do with the other comic book shows. All I can really say as far as connections to the comics is that I recognize Constantine’s buddy Chas from the first few issues of Hellblazer and that it was a nice touch including Doctor Fate’s helmet in Jasper Winters home. Just talking about the show itself, I have to say I’m not sure how I feel about Matt Ryan as Constantine. It’s not that he’s bad, there’s just something about the way he delivered his lines that felt a bit strange to me. It’s probably something I’ll get used to soon enough, I do actually like him in the role.

And then there’s Lucy Griffiths as Liv. Boy did that feel strange. They spent basically the whole episode building her up as this significant figure and obvious co-star for the series beside Matt Ryan, and then boom, gone. It could not have been more obvious that they had intended a larger role for the character and then changed directions. It’s a bit disappointing because I actually liked the character and would have been interested to see Liv and Constantine’s relationship develop as the series went on. I expect once Zed hopes into the spotlight though, i’ll forget all about Liv.


What I Got Today: Loot Crate

So this has been sitting on the floor in my room all week just waiting for me to get around to this post so that I could actually open it. Well, that time is here, and now just like every month when I open these Crate’s, I am a happy man. The theme this month is “fear,” obviously, because Halloween. You can see the full haul below and then I will get into my personal highlights for the month, but first, a few honorable mentions. The Dead Rising 3 Sledgesaw. I’ve never actually played any of the Dead Rising games, but I can still appreciate how cool this thing is. And it’s also a pen, apparently. The Loot Crate magazine. Normally there’s not much special here, but this month’s has a Walking Dead style cover that is also in 3D (which is why they include the old school 3D glasses).


– Death By Kitten T-Shirt:


Alright, so I’m generally a dog guy, not a huge fan of cats, except for lions and tigers (and bears, oh my) and the like. That said, form up a bunch of cats into the shape of a skull…and I never have to get a Punisher shirt ever because this thing is better than any actual Punisher shirt could ever be. No contest. Totally wearing this tomorrow.

– How to Survive a Sharknado


So, I’m one of those people (one of the few, probably) who has managed to never watch Sharknado, but I can’t not appreciate a book like this. This is the kind of guide book nerdy dreams are made of. I hadn’t decided what to read next since finishing Attack on Titan, vol. 13. i think this might be the answer.

– The Walking Dead #132


Just like the shirts, I’ll always love getting comics in these Crates. And it’s even better when it’s a book I already like and am reading. Admittedly, I’m a little bit behind on The Walking Dead (#127 was the last one I read) but that just means that this is one issue I won’t have to buy when I get around to catching up on the series.

– Smite Gift Card


This one isn’t a personal highlight. I’m not playing Smite and really have no interest in playing it. MOBA’s just aren’t my thing, even when they have more of a third-person action style to them. So, why am I talking about this gift card? Simple. I have a code, and there’s no reason for it to go to waste, so I’m giving it away. All you’ve got to do is be the first person to follow me on Twitter and ask for it. I’ll follow you back and DM the code to you. And if you aren’t playing Smite and want more information you can check it out here.

Update: If you’re seeing this now, please note the Smite code has been claimed. You’re more than welcome to still follow me, but I don’t have any more codes to give away at this time.


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