What I ___ Today: Oct. 26, 2014

Posted: October 28, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Log Horizon II (episode 4) & Sword Art Online II (episode 16)

Log Horizon II:


I feel like I’ve used the term “detour episode/issue” fairly often in the last couple weeks, but there really is just no better way to quickly describe instances such as this one. I don’t want you to get the idea I only care about the action in these shows, but i do have to say that 20+ minutes of talking in a show where almost all of the main characters have a weapon of some sort seems just a little off, even for Log Horizon.

Part of my disconnect with this episode I think is that we spent so much of the last episode with Shiroe and the Depths of Palm Raid and then Shiroe and Naotsugu are in this episode for a brief moment and it is perhaps the least important scene of the entire episode. Even “The Teachings” which played a significant part in episode 3 for every member of Log Horizon not with Shiroe, got barely a mention this episode. So, griping out of the way, let’s get to something I did like about this episode. Shockingly, it involves Akatsuki (and coincidentally The Teachings). Between unrequited love, doubts of her own strength and an apparent lack of confidence (the later two likely spawning out of the former), Akatsuki’s journey through this episode is heartbreaking, making it kind of weird that this was something I liked about the episode, but I love Akatsuki, so it makes me happy that something interesting is being done with her character…even if it does make me feel like she needs a really big hug.

As much as I hate to say it though, Akatsuki was not the most important part of this episode. No, that distinction goes to the fact that it seems after 29 episodes, real death seems to have come to the world that was once Elder Tales. That hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, sure, but a character lying in a pool of blood at the end of the episode instead of being shown to respawn would seem like a pretty strong indicator. The cause of this death, Enheart Nelreth, who has kind of been lurking in the shadows throughout this season so far. I’m very interested to see where this story goes, it’s not quite enough to forgive almost completely ignoring the main story though.


Sword Art Online II:


Alright, from essentially no action in this week’s Log Horizon to all kinds of action in this week’s Sword Art Online. Say what you want about this series’ plot and how often it tends to go to the bad touch place, but when it comes to action pieces, the people behind this show know what they’re doing. The very first fight in this episode especially is beautifully done and is pretty much in a nutshell why I watch Sword Art Online.

On the topic of plot though, the Norse mythology has always been kind of there since the second half of season one, but I was not really ready for them to go the Ragnarok route. Now that they’ve brought it up though, I really want to go full throttle with. I think this is the first time in the series that I legitimately want Kirito and friends to fail. They spent this whole episode getting to the final boss for the quest they got last episode, and I want them to lose so we can get to some fire and brimstone, war of the gods, end of days, Ragnarok madness. admittedly though, I don’t really expect them to do it.

And finally, I have to show some love for the “it’s a trap” scene (a portion of which is pictured below). After spending the first half of this season with Kirito using a “trap” avatar, I really appreciate that when the party encountered a situation featuring a beautiful NPC that for all appearances seemed like it was probably a trap, that everyone in the party (except Klein) was convinced that it was a trap and wanted to ignore her. I also appreciate that there was an almost immediate benefit to saving her once Klein decided that his Bushido demanded that he do so.



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