What I ___ Today: Oct. 28, 2014

Posted: November 2, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Star Wars Rebels (episodes 4 & 5) & Gotham (episode 6)

Star Wars Rebels:


Alright, so, I’m not exactly sure how or when, but apparently I missed an episode of Star Wars Rebels at some point, so that leaves us with not one, but two episodes to talk about this time around. And they’re actually a couple of pretty strong episodes, featuring our first real look at the Inquisitor in action, our first lightsaber duel of the series and Ezra undercover in a Stormtrooper training academy.

I think the most important thing from these two episodes to talk about is the Inquisitor. As I said, this is our first real look at the ultimate villain of the series (or at least this season) in action, and he was pretty impressive. It isn’t really made clear here whether or not the Inquisitor is force-sensitive (though there are a few indications that he may be). The Rule of Two would seem to say that he isn’t, but we’ve seen in the past with Darth Maul, Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress that the Rule of Two can be (and is) skirted around fairly easily. Force-senaitive or not though, he is certainly more then a match for the half-trained Kanan and the hardly-trained Ezra.

While episode 4 was definitely the Inquisitor’s show, Ezra retook the spotlight foe episode 5 which focused heavily on him, and a couple new friends, as he was on a mission undercover in a Stormtrooper training academy. One of the most interesting things here, yes, we can now confirm that Stormtrooper training does infact involve the shooting of targets. It’s a shocker considering their track record of completely missing the Rebels, I know, but it’s now canon so there ya go. It was also nice in this episode to see the Rebellion start to spread a little bit, even if the team on the Ghost isn’t itself growing. This is something that has to continue to happen to convincingly tell the story of how things got to where they were in the original trilogy of Star Wars movies.




Wow, so this week’s Gotham got pretty weird. really though, what can you expect when the villain of the week is a serial killer called The Spirit of the Goat? It wasn’t just the “Gotham Goat” that made things a little weird though, the penguin and his mother certainly played their part in things as well. And we certainly can’t forget dear Edward Nygma who took his biggest step into the spotlight to date this episode and it was all kinds of awkward.

Let’s start with the “Gotham Goat.” Now, I don’t know if this character, or perhaps more accurately, this concept exists in the Batman comics or even in DC Comics as a whole, but I have to say, it’s actually a pretty interesting idea. Obviously, with the focus of Gotham being more on organized crime and street level criminals than it is on superheroics and villainy, a serial killer makes an excellent foil the detectives of the GCPD. It does seem like the kind of story that should have played out over at least a couple episodes. Having it solved in just one episode did seem just a little convenient, though the series does already have enough multi-episode plots on the go, it doesn’t really need any more. ASide from the “Gotham Goat” himself though, one of the most interesting aspects of that particular plot line in this episode was the fact that it gave us a look back into Bullock’s past. It was defintely interesting getting a glimpse of Bullock in the role of eager, young detective, much like Gordon is in now.

As for the rest of the episode, well, for once I don’t even really want to talk about the Penguin’s scenes, the stuff with his mother was just weird, though actually pretty accurate to the comics I think, certainly a little reminiscent of the “Pain & Prejudice” limited series. Then we have the Riddler’s big step into the spotlight, and it was just, well, as I said earlier, awkward. Beautifully so though, admittedly. Nygma’s attempt at, I think it was flirting, was actually kind of perfect, even if it was hard to watch. The most important development this week though, was things in the Gordon vs. MCU plot line coming to a head with Gordon being arrested and his big secret being revealed, right in front of Bullock. Things are about to get interesting.



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