Review-a-day: Hellblazer #7

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Review-a-day
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We’re back to the Resurrection Crusaders and everything is starting to come to a head here. Just…not yet. Next time perhaps, but for now we have a bit of set-up to work our way through. And it gets really weird from page one and just gets worse, appearing to go to a place I really hope that it isn’t actually going to.

So, just to put in perspective the level of weird this issue reaches right from the beginning, the very first scene of the issue is a not-quite sex scene between Constantine and Zed that quickly devolves into a creepy dissection with muscle and bones and zippers. It’s very strange, and also a dream sequence (or rather a nightmare). So yeah, that’s the baseline. From there we are introduced to another member of Constantine’s fabled Newcastle crew, Ritchie Simpson. Mr. Simpson takes us on a rather trippy journey through the world of magical hacking. I’ll be honest, this is the point where this issue kind of loses me, not because of the concept of magical hacking, but because when we are subject to Ritchie’s narrative we are forced to endure a string of what I can only describe as magical, hippie, hacker philosophy and it just kind of bends my brain to the point of disinterest. Thankfully this is broken up a little but by a brief visit with Zed and Ray. It’s a bit of a touching scene at first, but things turn south when the Tongues of Fire, an extremist splinter of the Resurrection Crusaders show up. While this part of the story does seem to be going to an interesting place, it’s also a place I’d really rather they didn’t go. Even as a relatively non-religious person, it makes me uncomfortable (which is probably the idea), but I’ll get back to that in just a moment. First, I have mention how I’m happy to see the return of the ghosts of Constantine’s past. I had been worried that they were being pushed to far to the side.

Now, if I interpreted the last scene of this issue correctly, the book appears to be going to a place where the Crusaders are going to attempt to magic or science up a Jesus for themselves using Zed as the not-so-virgin Mary. As I said, this is an interesting idea, but it’s also one that terrifies me, not so much because it offends me, but because there is so much potential for it to be either uncomfortable, narratively terrible, or both. All I’m hoping is that it is at least a fun ride, because there’s a lot of potential to miss that mark as well.


Score: 7.5

Written By: Jamie Delano
Art By: John Ridgway, Brett Ewins, Jim McCarthy and Lovern Kindzierski
Letters By: Todd Klein
Price: $1.99 (on ComiXology)


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