What I ___ Today: Oct. 31, 2014

Posted: November 4, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Streamed This Week: The Walking Dead: Season One


It was Halloween week, so I just felt that I had to put Dragon Age II on hold for a little bit in favor of Telltale Games The Walking Dead. Specifically Season one. Why Season One? Because, little sad as it is to admit, even though I think I got the season pass when Episode One first came out, I’ve never played through the full season. What I did play through in the past were the first two episodes, and those are the episodes you will see in the videos below.

Originally the plan was was only to stream the three episodes I’d never played before and maybe 400 days as well. It occurred to me though, that I don’t actually have the save files for the first two episodes any more, so it just wouldn’t have felt right to jump right into Episode Three without the immediate history of the first two episodes. And besides, if I’m going to have streams of three or four episodes from Season One on my YouTube channel, then I might as well have streams of all of the episodes.

Even though I’d been through them before, it was a lot of fun playing through Episode One and Two again. Episode Two is still pretty rough though, And I’m sure it only gets worse from there. Speaking of, I have every intention of continuing my journey all the way through Season One over the next week or so on my Twitch channel. I fully expect to be scarred and traumatized for life by the end, because “horror” games are not something I really do, and my experience so far tells me it’s going to get really bad.


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