Review-a-day: Hellblazer #9

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Review-a-day
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Here we go, the culmination of all the writing about Hellblazer I have done over the last little while. And this time around we’ve even got the return to Constantine’s life of special guest star Swamp Thing! At least for about two or three pages. I’ll tell you now though, that’s about all this issue has to offer.

Since issue #4 Hellblazer has been building towards this war between the Damnation Army and the Resurrection Crusade. The last two issues have put a great amount of focus on setting up and providing exposition for that inevitable conflict so that we would all know what was going on and why. Theoretically then, it would seem to make sense that this issue would kick off the conflict proper, or at least have a little bit more to do with that story than one scene. That’s sadly not the case though. The entirety of the Resurrection Crusade/Damnation Army story in this issue amounts to a single scene where Constantine goes to “rescue” Zed from the Crusade’s stronghold…and then doesn’t. He does have sex with her though. Why? Well, his logic seems to be that by doing so he taints her so she can’t be the Crusade’s “Virgin Mary.” There’s a slight problem with that theory though. This isn’t the first time in the series the two of them have been shown to sleep together. Clearly the Crusade doesn’t care about his taint, and if they now suddenly do, that is a very large logical hole in the plot. The rest of the issue puts the focus on Constantine wallowing in his own self-loathing and running from his conscience. That could be interesting in some cases, but in this one it just comes off as waxing philosophical and whining, and that’s not entertaining.

I think this is about all the teasing I can take. There really just isn’t enough payoff in this series at this point for me to keep pushing forward. I want to like the series. I generally do like John Constantine as a character, but I’ve had all I can take of Hallblazer for the time being.


Score: 6.0

Written By: Jamie Delano
Art By: John Ridgway, Alfredo Alcala and Lovern Kindzierski
Letters By: Todd Klein
Price: $1.99 (on ComiXology)


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