What I Watched Today: Constantine (episode 2)


Week number two and we have Zed! And that was probably the most important development in this week’s Constantine. Everything else seemed like it was probably pretty insular and specific to this episode. Which means it was very good for the series that Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya seem to play pretty well off of each other. Considering they’re likely the series’ dynamic duo, if that relationship doesn’t work, then the show won’t work.

So, let’s talk about Zed and her relationship with Constantine then. First of all, I have to say that through her first few scenes, I wasn’t sure about Angelica Celaya as Zed. Something about her just didn’t quite click for me. By the end of the episode though, whatever was initially not working for me was gone and now i’m completely on board with her. I can’t say for sure exactly what the tipping point was, but it was probably somewhere around the time she found Constantine in her apartment (which seemed to be full of Hellblazer covers). As for her relationship with Constantine, their back and forth seemed pretty spot on and got better as the episode went on and the characters warmed to each other. Also I have to give the writers credit for teasing some sort of romantic relationship between Constantine and Zed but having the good sense to not actually deliver on it so soon.

And now let’s talk about the Coblynae (I really want to call them kobolds) otherwise known as dead miners turn protective spirits/villains of the week. Ok, they weren’t actually the villains themselves, just the heavies for the villain (only took them two episodes to have an evil gypsy, wonder if that offended anybody). The problem here isn’t so much the Coblynae (and their gypsy master) themselves, but what they represent, and that’s the villain of the week mentality. I can be a little forgiving here since it’s only the second episode and also something of a soft reboot (yes, already) with the switch of sidekick/leading lady from Liv to Zed, but some sense of an overarching story would be nice. Presumably that would be the conflict with Nergal and the quest to save Astra, but there is no reference to those things in this episode. I know, you don’t have hit the overarching story every episode and it is only the second episode, but at the same time, it’s only the second episode and I would think they’d want to drive the overarching story home in viewers minds. Maybe with the next episode, we’ll see.


What I Loved Today: Professional Wrestling


Alright, time to give you guys a glimpse into another of the dark corners in my heart and soul. In that dark corner…professional wrestling. It’s not something I always admit to, I’ve probably even denied liking it a time or two in my like. The fact is though, I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling (primarily WWF/WWE) off and on for probably more than 20 years now. I remember going to WWF live shows to my mind all the time back in the days when they would come to my hometown at least once a year. I remember renting WWF PPVs from Venus Video (before we had a Blockbuster) every week and refusing for the longest time to watch Wrestlemania VI because I couldn’t stomach the idea of watching Hulk Hogan fight the Ultimate Warrior (and then reenacting the finish to the match with friends once I finally watched it). I remember legitimately crying when Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart for the WWF Championship (the first time, not the Montreal screwjob, I don’t think I actually saw that one live). Hell, on a more recent note, I remember crying during Edge’s retirement speech (yup, I’m actually admitting that).

Credentials out of the way, why am I actually talking about this right now? There are a couple reasons actually, the first of which is the recent (last gen) release of WWE 2K15. Even during the times when I haven’t been watching the shows, I’ve always ended up at least renting the WWE games and 2K15 is no exception. I haven’t gotten to spend all that much time with the game yet, but I have managed to play through the John Cena/CM Punk rivalry in the 2K Showcase mode and that was a whole lot of fun (except for the parts where I had to beat punk rather than win with him). Similar to the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode in 2K14, I love the idea of the 2K Showcase and how it lets players relive rivalries like that in their entirety. The only sad part for me here is that as much as I’d like to, I don’t currently have the means to stream PS3 games.

The other reason I’m sitting here writing about wrestling right now is that after another significant hiatus from watching any wrestling shows, I’ve recently jumped back into WWE at least, starting with the Oct. 26 Hell in a Cell PPV. And that was as good a place as any to get back into it. The Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Cell match was fantastic. I was a bit disappointing to not get a clean finish, but I’ll take the return of Bray Wyatt and an Ambrose/Wyatt fued as ample compensation. Now, I’ve been been focusing on the WWE here because that’s where I started with wrestling and that’s where I will always return first, but it wouldn’t be right for me to write all this and not mention my intention to do some catching up on ROH and TNA as well. TNA will be the last of the three to get my attention as it’s been probably more than five yearss now since I’ve watched their shows, but I know there’s still guys there that I’m interested in watching. ROH on the other hand will get my attention much sooner. As the breeding ground for guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, as well as the soon to be debuting in the WWE



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