What I ___ Today: Nov. 2, 2014

Posted: November 5, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Log Horizon II (episode 5) & Sword Art Online II (episode 17)

Log Horizon II:


I love this show and this was a pretty good episode with a pretty sweet fight scene, but I have to be honest about something here. I have no idea what the purpose of this serial killer storyline is. Talking about the last episode I posited that maybe real death had finally come to the world once known as Elder Tale, but this week they made it clear that wasn’t the case. So is Enheart Nelreth just crazy? Is that the deal? Because I can’t see any other explanation for what he’s doing. What possible goal can he have by killing people who only respawn rather than staying dead?

While I may not understand Enheart goal in killing adventurers, I can definitely appreciate the hunt that has begun for him and the fight scenes that are coming out of his time in Akihabara. This episode’s main event was Enheart vs. Soujirou and Akatsuki. It was a pretty good one too. This may actually have been the first time we’ve seen Souji in action (I may be wrong about that) and he’s pretty impressive. And, we learned that he at least has evidently acquired The teachings. Not that The Teachings were much help against Enheart, but he did do his best to pass them along to Akatsuki during the fight. I’m definitely glad to see that that plot point is still progressing.

The one negative I have for this episode is that Shiroe, Naotsugu and the Depths of Palm raid are still getting no attention in comparison to what’s going on in Akihabara. I realize that akihabara has become the hub for the series, but Shiroe was the protagonist for the entirety of the first season, so the lack of screen time he and his portion of this season’s plot have been getting recently definitely feels a little weird to be.


Sword Art Online II:


Last week I showered Sword Art Online with praise for their fight scenes, and I have to say, they did it again with this week’s episode. Kirito and friends fight with Thrym, the King of the Giants was a very entertaining one, even teasing us with the false hope that they were going to lose and we were actually going to get the full-on Ragnarok action. No such luck though. It might have been a tad predictable to bring Thor and Mjolnir in as a sort of deus ex machina to get the group through the fight, but I still appreciate it because it was entertaining.

The aftermath of the fight wasn’t too shabby either, and the first reason for that was that Sinon got another opportunity to be completely awesome. They joked, I think it was last episode, about Sinon wanting a bow that could shoot a super long distance, and then she pulled it off this episode, even without a legendary weapon, much to the delight of all the other girls in the party. And then she said a thing to Kirito and those same girls give him such a look. A glare to end worlds and crush souls as I called it on Twitter. You can see the glare below. And then there’s Klein. Dear, poor Klein. First he fell into the Freyja/Thor trap, and then he hit on Skuld. Obviously nothing’s going to come of that, but, and maybe I’m reading too much into this, but there did seem to be a hint of some possible romance between Klein and Liz, which could be interesting.

I do have to ask a question about this episode though, because it seemed like from the ending of it, that this particular story arc is over already, after only what, three episodes? I guess they’ve still got seven or eight episodes left, so I guess that’s enough time for them to do some sort of story. The question at this point though, is what is it going to be? I can’t imagine they’ll want to kick off whatever they might have planned for a third season just yet, so is it just going to be a whole bunch of filler from this point forward? Let’s hope not.



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