What I ___ Today: Nov. 3, 2014

Posted: November 7, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episode 18)


Alright, so this was an interesting episode. It was at once as pervy (seen in part below, and that was the subtle scene) as the series has gotten recently, and as awesome as the action has gotten recently. More important than either of those points though, was the fact that Lubbock actually did things this episode. In fact, I’d even call him the main attraction of this episode (other than the fan service pictured below, obviously).

Ok, first up, let’s talk about the action, then we can get to the pervyness. This episode was the introduction of still more of the Capital’s seemingly endless supply of villains, and these ones are a particularly unique breed. The Four Rakshasa Demons are perhaps the strangest villains the series has introduced to this point, with Ibara being the epitome of that, at least in this episode. I have to specify that it’s this episode, because it’s the FOUR Rakshasa Demons, and we really only spend time with three of them here. So, there were two big fights this episode. I’ll get to Akame vs. Ibara in a moment, but first let’s talk about Lubbock. He’s had his moments here and there in the series, mostly revolving around his perversities, but he really shines with the action in this episode, taking on not one, but two of the Demons all by himself. And the interesting part about the fight was that they teased him playing dead and avoiding the fight, but then when he actually gets into it he’s a champ, and even when it comes to a point where you think he’s beat, he pulls out a tricky little victory. And then there’s Akame and Ibara. This is where we get into the episode’s pervyness as Ibara slices up Akame’s shirt and skirt. Was it completely unnecessary? Sure, but Akame didn’t care so why should I? Honestly, she cared so little about her clothes, she almost immediately followed that up by trying to snap Ibara’s neck. So yeah, her name’s in the show’s title for a reason. Elsewhere in the pervyness category we have Lubbock thinking of Najenda naked (completely naked, but covering herself, also completely unnecessary) and Night Raid’s immediate target, minister Bolic, who is basically running a creepy religious harem, and near the end of the episode he has a supplicant strip down so he can “cleanse” her. Thankfully it didn’t get much further than that.

There actually was more to the episode though. The two most important non-action, non-pervy aspects to the episode involve Tatsumi, Mine, Kurome and Wave. First, Tatsumi and Mine. This was just a little funny instance as the met the founder of the Path of Peace and he almost immediately comments on how they should be together, which obviously elicits shock, confusion and anger from the both of them. And then we have Kurome, who is actually starting to become one of my favorite characters on the show, and Wave, who is pretty clearly in love with her because they have to parallel Tatsumi and Akame. These scenes focus on Kurome’s recovery after last episode and her fears of no longer being useful to the jaegers and being disposed of. it’s weird to see Kurome being a weak and sympathetic figure, but I love that she’s being given more depth than just her initial crazy, psycho killer kid persona. In all honestly, this may have been my favorite episode to this point in the season, it’s definitely up there.


What I Read Today: Tranformers: More than Meets The Eye, vol. 1


I picked this up awhile back when it was on sale on ComiXology. I don’t remember having any particular reason for picking it up other than maybe a certain amount of nostalgia for Transformers. I do still have an Optimus Prime toy kicking around somewhere, he’s actually only in about a quarter of this volume though, but that’s okay. Why is that ok? Because this was actually far better than I ever would have expected a Transformers comic to be.

The basic premise behind “More Than Meets The Eye” seems be that it’s a brand new starting point for the franchise along with the “Robots In Disguise” comic. The seemingly neverending war between the Autobots and the Decepticons has, well, actually come to an end. Now all the non-combatant Cybertronians have returned home and the victorious Autobots are now forced to deal with the reborn planet and mass of bots who don’t really want them there anymore. Differing opinions on exactly how to deal with this causes a schism within the Autobot faction which is detailed in the “Death of Optimus Prime” one-shot that kicks off this volume. After that we get into the “More Than Meets The Eye” series proper which focuses on a faction of Autubots led by Rodimus and Ultra Magnus who have left Cybertron in search of the Knights of Cybertron. Almost immediately things start going to hell, but also get very interesting and entertaining.

I don’t know what I was really expecting going into this, but I definitely got my money’s worth and then some out. I absolutely love the idea that now that peace has finally come the Autobots collapse in on themselves and split into different factions almost immediately, and that the faction remaining on Cybertron, led by Bumblebee and Prowl (which is the focus of the “Robots In Disguise Book”) sabotage the other faction’s ship, setting off the terrible chain of events that plagues Rodimus’ crew. I also have the first volume of “Robots In Disguise” which I’ll probably be checking out before too long and I can definitely see myself picking up more of this series.



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