What I ___ Today: Nov. 4, 2014

Posted: November 9, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Gotham (episode 7)


The pieces are starting to come together now. That was a really big reveal this week and honestly, I don’t think there can be any denying it at this point. This isn’t Gordon’s show. This isn’t baby Bruce Wayne’s show. There’s no question in my mind at this point that Gotham is the Penguin’s show. I really don’t know where this series would be without Robin Lord Taylor.

So let’s talk about penguin, and his master plan that has apparently been in effect since almost the very beginning of the series. I absolutely love this idea that Penguin is the mastermind behind essentially everything that has happened to this point in the Falcone/Maroni conflict. Not only has he been manipulating Fish, Maroni and Gordon, but evidentally Falcone as well practically since the start of the show. The series may as well be subtitled Rise of the Penguin and I absolutely love that. Wanting to see what he does next is at least half the reason i keep watching the show, as well as the thought that at some point somebody is going to have to get some degree of payback against him and I don’t want to miss that.

And of course, i can’t talk about this episode without talking about Anthony Carrigan as Victor Zsasz. I’m not sure how Zsasz being a henchman for Falcone plays into the comics (most of my knowledge of the character comes from the Arkham games) but it does make a certain amount of sense, both for the character in general and as a way to introduce him into the series. Evidently it’s relatively early in Zsasz’s criminal career as he’s shown to be making the 28th mark of his body for the 28th person he’s killed, so the marks likely don’t go past his arm, whereas in the comics and Arkham asylum he is shown to have those marks all over his body. Honestly though, I’m just glad they explicitly included that aspect of his character. The only real complaint I have about him here is that his main weapon in the episode was a gun rather than a knife. IMDB does list him at three appearances in the series (meaning two more) so his weapon preference should have the chance to change. And I’m calling it now, in one of his future appearances expect him to kidnap Barbara (of his own accord, not on Falcone’s orders), because they can’t rightly end his involvement in the series without getting into his focus on female victims, it would be unfair to the character.


What I Thought About Today: Mass Effect



This is a little impromptu. The originally plan for this section would have been for me to talk about Star Wars Rebels, but apparently there hasn’t been a new episode since I talked about episodes 4 & 5 together. That left me sort of scrambling for something to replace it here as I’m not ready to talk about the new volume of Attack on Titan yet. Full disclosure, as you can probably tell, I’m still pretty far behind here, which means I’m writing this on the morning of November 8th, which means yesterday was November 7th, known to some as N7 Day in honor of the Mass Effect Trilogy, so the franchise has been very much on my mind in the last day.

So let’s talk about my N7 Day. I made my way to work, wearing my full-zip Commander Shepard hoodie (as I do every day, because i love it and it was expensive so I’m getting my use out of it), and with the Mass Effect 1 soundtrack pumping through my headphones (because it’s N7 Day, what else would I listen to). Now, there’s nothing particularly unusual about any of this, at least not for me. Where it gets, let’s say, coincidental, is when i get to Tim Hortons for my coffee. Now, it was raining a bit, so I’ve got the hoodie zipped partways and the armor and N7 are on display. I get to the counter, put in my order, and the barista makes a comment about knowing the design on the hoodie but not being able to place it, So I tell her what it’s from. Recognition sparked, she goes on to tell me that after seeing her boyfriend playing Mass Effect 2, she’s recently gotten into the series itself. Now, I’ve got my coffee, I’ve got to get to work and the next person in line has to take their turn, so the only response I’m able to make is that “It’s a long journey, but it’s worth it.” A bit hokey, sure, but can anyone who’s played through the trilogy really deny the truth of it? All told, I probably put somewhere between 150-200 hours into my first playthrough of the trilogy, and while I certainly can’t deny being less than satisfied with the original ending to Mass Effect 3, I have nothing but love for every minute leading up to that ending. it’s one of those things though, even if I had 150-200 hours to run through the trilogy again, playing it again, isn’t the same as playing it for the first time. That’s something I’ll never get to do again, so I envy her that experience.

What I will get to playthrough for the first time, eventually, is Mass Effect 4 (or whatever it ends up being called), and that brings me to the other part of my N7 Day, listening/watching BioWare’s developer roundtable talking about the game. Now, admittedly, not much really came out of that. They said some nice things and showed off some pretty concept art, but nothing particularly substantial. No official name. No release date (or even a release window). And definitely no trailer, not even a teaser. What it did do, is get me thinking a bit about what I want from the next installment in the franchise. Without getting too deep into speculation ad fantasy, I think what I want most, is a bigger, more open game, because when it comes right down to it, there was a whole lot of linearality in the games, especially during missions and especially as the series went on. The developers said a lot of nice things about making exploration feel as good and as important as combat and I hope that’s true. I want to be able to run around the galaxy and do pretty much anything that comes to mind while I’m saving the galaxy…again. And I hope my choices have a very real impact on how things play out, through the journey, and in the end. But, we’ll just have to wait and see if I, or anyone else, gets what they want from Mass Effect 4.

And finally a little treat for fans of the franchise…and Miracle of Sound. Nothing against Mark Meer, but if anyone knows of a Jennifer Hale version of this, please pass it along.


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