What I ___ Today: Nov. 10, 2014

Posted: November 19, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Akame ga Kill (episode 19)


If it wasn’t clear after what happened to Chelsea last episode, we’re in it now! Night Raid vs. the Jaegers, to the death! And oh boy, do we ever come close to losing another one of our heroes this time around. So very close! Not quite though, this round definitely goes to Night Raid.

So this episode took us deep into the fight between Night Raid and the Jaegers. Najenda facing down Esdeath. Akame and Lubbock taking out Bolic and his guard. Leone and Susanoo squaring off against Kurome and wave. Tatsumi vs. suzuka, the last of the Four Rakshasa Demons. The main attraction though, was unquestionably Mine vs. Seryu Ubiquitous, the looney lady of justice! This is where things got scary this episode. It was a pretty intense and we came so close to losing Mine. In the end though, the good guys prevailed. I have to point out just how crazy Seryu is. She’ds crazy enough that she let Stylish put what amounts to a small nuke in her head so if she’s about to die she can suicide bomb her enemies. And she had no issue with that. She thought it was great. That’s insane. I also need to call out Suzuka’s outfit. I didn’t notice this before, but she seems to be wearing a bikini top and a robe (a yukata perhaps?) with the bikini on top of the robe on one side. I get the idea of asymmetry, but that’s just odd character design, even for an anime.

Now, returning to Mine and how close we were to losing her, it was tatsumi who was the hero of the day here, saving her from seryu’s mini nuke. From there things got pretty sweet for those two. The had a joking scene earlier in the episode talking about the “red thread of fate” which was first mentioned I think last episode (might have been the episode before that) and how they are destined to end up together. I didn’t believe it at first. Since very early in the series I’ve been a firm believer that any romance would be between tatsumi and Akame, but after Tatsumi saved Mine and the scenes that followed, I’m actually sold that they’re really going with the Tatsumi/Mine romance. And I’m ok with that. Personally I prefer Akame and her meat gobbling ways (that’s not innuendo I swear), but Mine’s pretty cool too.


What I Read Today: Attack on Titan, vol. 14


Big things! Big things are happening this volume of Attack on Titan! The Survey Corps has seemingly become no more, at least officially. As a group though, Eren and friends are still together, and they’ve got a plan to take over from the King. Unfortunately though, Eren (and Krista) are in the hands of the bad guys…again, and Jean is questioning the Corps do direction as the war moves away from Titans to humans. Those aren’t the biggest developments in the volume though.

The two biggest developments in volume 14 of Attack on Titan are the reveal of exactly why Krita Lenz/Historia Reiss is so important in the grand scheme of things, and our proper introduction to Kenny Ackerman, who we previously met when learning about Krista’s past. He was the man who cut her mother’s throat. First, why is Historia so important? It’s actually pretty simple, and something that, if I’d really given it some thought I probably could have surmised. It turns out that the bloodline of Rod Reiss, Historia’s biological father, is the true Royal bloodline, making the Survey Corps new plan to inact a bloodless coup by installing Historia on the throne as Queen. That’s a pretty interesting development for sure, especially when it culminated, at least in this volume, in a very, I don’t want to say shocking, but definitely a surprising scene.

Even more interesting to me though, was Kenny Ackerman. I found him interesting not so much for what he did, although his battle with Levi was definitely entertaining. No, what’s really interesting is the name. Or specifically the fact that he, Levi and Mikasa apparently all have the same name. There are not enough characters in this series for that to be a coincidence. There is definitely meaning there and I cannot wait to see the reveal of just what exactly the connection between the three of them is. And how Mikasa apparently having biological family (I’m assuming) again will impact her.



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