What I ___ Today: Nov. 11, 2014

Posted: November 20, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Star Wars Rebels (episode 6) & Gotham (episode 8)

Star Wars Rebels:


Oh good, this episode had my exact favorite thing in all of writing. It’s that story element where the entirety of the conflict in the episode could be avoided if certain characters *cough*Ezra*cough*Chopper*cough* weren’t stupid. I could include Zeb in that as well, but frankly it was started by Ezra and Chopper as it usually is. This sort of thing just drives me crazy.

What doesn’t drive me crazy though, is that Sabine took center stage for the greater portion of this episode, so that definitely made me happy. I know we’re only six episodes into this series, but it was feeling a little weird that we hadn’t gotten any real background on her despite her being only one of five members in the main cast (and one of those is a droid). I think was even the first time they referenced Mandalore despite her wearing their armor since the beginning (I could be wrong about that). So yeah, definitely happy to be getting some background on her. And I really like the idea that she’s been through some bad stuff so Hera’s secrecy and “need to know” attitude is playing into her pre-existing issues. That could make for a very interesting dynamic. I don’t like, though, that Hera and Sabine seemed to work right through those issues (for the most part) within the limits of the episode.

I do get that this series is more geared towards kids than older Star wars fans such as myself, but i think that’s just more of a reason to develop Ezra into a character kids can look up to. I really don’t want this to become a consistent problem of Ezra doing something stupid or creating a stupid situation that spirals out of control. It’s the most irritating of formulaic setups for a show. Also, Ezra needs to stop hitting on Sabine, it hasn’t been cute or funny since about the first time that he did it.




A young Hush, a precursor to Black Mask and the continuing saga of Jim Gordon vs. the GCPD. Sounds like a pretty good basis for an epidsode, but it also plays into what is and probably always will be the biggest problem with this series. Does anyone actually care to see the relationship between Bruce and Tommy Elliot when they were kids? How about Black Mask’s (I presume) father? Does anyone care to meet him? Or was Richard Sionis supposed to be Black Mask himself? If so, why change the name? Just to bug fanboys like me?

I’m being harsh here, but I will admit that I enjoyed the episode. I could have done without the Tommy Elliot pieces of the show, but it is good that he’s there, because to do young Bruce Wayne properly, he would have to be. Now they just have to find a way to continue that relationship in a way that makes sense after this episodes events but still sets up Elliot’s future as Hush. It was also kind of cute to see Bruce ask Alfred to teach him to fight. Obviously he has lots of teachers in his life to become Batman, but Alfred is a sensible place to start. Getting back to the adults, it was nice that the continued the Gordon vs. the GCPD plot line, but also kind of pushed through it. While it’s good to have him railing against the GCPD’s corrupt nature, the show would lose any semblance of sense if he actually had to do everything himself. Which brings us to Richard Sionis, where Gordon ended up essentially doing everything himself. I could gripe about how stupid (and what an obvious plot device) it was to have Gordon go after himself, and about how this isn’t the proper Black Mask because the name is wrong, but the plot produced a couple good fight scenes so I’ll leave it alone. I do have to call out the freaks who were watching the fights though. Who were this people? More of Sionis’ employees? Rich yuppies getting off on the violence? There was no explanation for them at all.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Liza/Fish/Falcone story continued and continued to be weird. There was a hint of Fish’s backstory here but that seems to have turned out to be lies to keep Liza playing the game. Which is disappointing. As cliche as these backstory elements were (mother was a prostitute killed by one of Falcone’s men more or less in front of Fish when she was a kid) at least it was some sort of backstory that could have helped me actually care about the character. And then there’s dear, dear Penguin. As strange as ever but still continuing his rise through the ranks and play his manipulative games, and really coming into his own as a bit of a crime boss. He really is one of the most interesting parts of this series. Certainly more than baby Bruce Wayne.



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