What I ___ Today: Nov. 13, 2014

Posted: November 25, 2014 in What I ___ Today
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What I Watched Today: Arrow (season 3 episode 6) & The Walking Dead (season 3 episode 5) Arrow: ArrowLogo

It’s Ted Grant’s time to shine as he practically has a starring role in this episode. Though we never actually see him in costume, it is very clearly established that during the period of time that Oliver was on the island (or in Hong Kong, just generally before season one of the series) that Ted “Woldcat” Grant did have a career as a vigilante, and a sidekick of his very own. We also get to see his mask (it’s not great, if there were whiskers I didn’t see them) being worn by that same sidekick.

The main thrust of this episode is playing off the end of last episode where Roy had a dream that he was the one who killed Sara. That brings us the story of Ted Grant and Isaac Stanzler, who were in a sense the Oliver Queen and Roy Harper of their time…and then Stanzler beat a criminal to death and it all ended. This revelation runs nicely parallel to Roy’s struggles with the idea that he is Sara’s killer. Struggles which, after conferring with Felicity, he reveals to oliver, Laurel and Diggle. I have to argue with Roy’s choice of words here. Despite there being no concrete evidence that he’s actually guilty (and by the end of the episode they seem to have done away with the idea) he just comes straight out and says that he killed Sara. A statement that wasn’t met with nearly as much anger as I would have expected it to be. It was a very good story telling device though to play the story of a fallen sidekick side by side with a potential fall from grace for Roy…and he even got a new name out of it. We’ll have to wait and see how much they actually end up calling him Arsenal from here out though.

I’m definitely glad that we seem to have done away with the plot thread of Roy potentially being Sara’s killer, and that we did so this quickly. I made my thoughts on how stupid I thought that idea was in talking about the previous episode. And then comes the end of the episode and the introduction of another archer villain, because with Sara being killed with arrows, we can’t have enough red herring archers running around this season. I’m actually not at all familiar with this character, but she does apparently have some basis in the comics, so I’m definitely in favor of her pressence. And from what little I’ve read about her since finishing the episode she sounds like she could be very interesting.


The Walking Dead:


Welcome everybody to the story of Crazy Rick. Crazy Rick has just lost his wife, and this tragedy has upset him to such a degree that instead of taking care of his newborn daughter he decides to go into a prison full of zombies, by himself, armed with a hatchet and a pistol, and paint the walls black (I assume zombie blood is more black than red at this point due to rot and decay and the like…also the phrase evokes a Rolling Stones song, so yeah). After killing many of these zombies, Crazy Rick gets a phone call (on a rotary phone of all things). Who could be on the other end of the call though? Is it actually for Rick? Who’s calling a prison during the zombie apocalypse? We’ll have to wait until next episode to find out.

Crazy Rick isn’t the only thing going on in this episode however. We also learn that that Daryl Dixon apparently has some sort of innate ability to take care of babies, though he did seem to try to name the kid asskicker, so that was a thing. Perhaps a larger portion of the episode though focuses on Woodbury and Andrea and Michonne’s time there. These are scenes, especially with how hostile Michonne tends to be in them, that I am so very wary of. I still have pretty clear memories of how things go between her and the Governor in the comics and I’m not sure I can hndle that in live action. I don’t actually expect the show to go as far as they go in the comics, and with Michonne now out of Woodbury maybe we’re safe…but Andrea’s still there.

Oh Andrea…I like you so much in the comics. You’re cool and badass and tough as hell. So why are you the way you are in the show? Obviously I don’t want you to go to the place Michonne goes in the comics, but I’d kind of be okay if you just died. I think I’d be cool with that. I might have more sympathy for you if you had just listened to Michonne and gotten out of that horrible community, but no. No, you thought it was a good idea to stay. Stay…and see the gladiator games. Gladiator games with not a ring of fire, not a ring of iron (cars) but a ring of zombies. But it’s ok, the walkers have no teeth. I’m sure nothing could go wrong. Gah, I really hate Woodbury. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this arc goes on for awhile in the series, but I just really want it to be over.



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