Review-a-day: Divinity #1

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Review-a-day
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Jumping blind into a new Valiant title is a different experience for me. It’s not something I do that often and generally speaking I’m not overly familiar with Valiants books, having only read a few here and there. By contrast, jumping blind into a new Marvel or DC title, even if I don’t know what to expect, there is a certain sense of familiarity, because I know the world that the book exists in. I don’t have that same luxury with a Valiant title. That has it’s own benefits though, such as a sense of wonder. In the case of Divinity though, I’m not sure if that’s actually a help or a hindrance.


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Divinity #1.


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